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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Epilog…

  Of peaches and pecans Peaches and pecans. This is going to be the title of a chapter in my second book. Peaches and pecans are a stablemate of only … Continue reading

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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Part 2…

This is part 2 of Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit. In short, my recap is centered around Detroit not making the cut, and the “real” reasons why. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit, Part 1…

Amazon just listed their short list for their location for their H2. Detroit didn’t make the cut. Detroit, The Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, The Big ‘D’, ground zero … Continue reading

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My letter to my African friend… and the President of the United States.

  I have an African friend. Actually, I have many African friends, but I work with this particular African. He is Republican, and he voted for Trump. But, that is … Continue reading

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1st down and 365 days to go…

It’s a new year. For some a new beginning. For some an end to much success or challenges of 2017. I’m not a “new” years person, like not being a … Continue reading

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A train is a-comin…

  The die has been cast for the upcoming 2018 November elections. I may be premature, but, after the Democratic victory in the seat vacated by Senator Sessions, if the … Continue reading

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Vietnam, by Ken Burns…

I just finished watching Ken Burns series on the Vietnam war. Ken Burns story telling is one to behold. He gets down in subtle details of each of the “actors”, from … Continue reading

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