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My letter to my African friend… and the President of the United States.


Haitian Village


I have an African friend. Actually, I have many African friends, but I work with this particular African. He is Republican, and he voted for Trump. But, that is of no consequence, he’s still my friend, my African friend. I wrote a version of this letter to him, to get him to see the irresponsible words that come out of our current President’s mouth.  Haiti and other African nations are not a shithole, to which they were labeled with the adjective by the President of the United States. Most African, Caribbean, Central and South America are still recovering from colonial rule, and in particular, my African friend comes from a nation once subjugated by France. My African friend is very knowledgeable, he already knows this.   Haiti, in particular, is a country recovering from continued interference from the United States. Through invasion, dictator support, and embargo, it has destabilized the country since 1804 when it achieved independence. The reason why was fear of a slave rebellion in the United States. A slave rebellion at that time was a real possibility in the United States, and would have involved millions of people. The United States had sanctions against Haiti, along with an embargo by France and the United States. France also used its military power to extort Haiti, to pay reparations for the slaves it lost after the rebellion,  totaling 150 Million francs. Can you imagine, 63 years of embargo by the United States, all because you fought and won your freedom? By the way, if it wasn’t for the Haitian rebellion, the Louisiana purchase may not ever came to be. Haiti provided France income to grow their economy, and to fight wars. In order for Napoleon to fight his battles, he had to sell the Louisiana territory, which provide the United States to expand it’s territory, which was taken from the Native Americans.


In Haiti, the US supported of several ‘bad’ dictators, including the Duvlaier’s. They drained the country of its resources, and pocketed money from the US for the sake of the Cold War. Remember the ice skating party the Duvlaier’s gave while skating in mink coats while the country strained under abject poverty? Thirty years ago Haiti imported no rice; today, Haiti imports nearly all its rice. Though Haiti was the sugar growing capital of the Caribbean, it now imports sugar as well. Why? The US and the US dominated world financial institutions — the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank — forced Haiti to open its markets to the world. Then the US dumped millions of tons of US subsidized rice and sugar into Haiti, undercutting their farmers and ruining Haitian agriculture. By ruining Haitian agriculture, the US has forced Haiti into becoming the third largest world market for US rice. Good for US farmers, bad for Haiti.

That is essentially a false economy. By purchasing rice from US farmers then selling it to the Haitian government to distribute to their population, they destroy one economy for the sake of another. The International monetary fund and the World bank is a means which the United States uses to subjugates countries. This pattern happens in different forms, over and over again in the world. One African country that has strong US connections is Liberia. Liberia is also subjugated by the United States as well. It’s the 14th largest supplier of Rubber in the world, but also one of the poorest nations in Africa. Cameroon is the 15th largest rubber supplier. Viet Nam by the way, is the third largest supplier in the world. The Viet Nam war, which was fought originally by the French, was about preserving their colonial heritage, at the time, 23 large rubber plantations, and…. Maintaining their control of the rubber market back then. It evolved into a proxy “cold war” once the United States got involved.
What I am saying should resonate with you on one thing. The United States has been guilty of subjugation of nations when becoming a world power of influence in the late 19th century through today. Countries like Haiti have been the result of the United States policies, and happens to have an inhabitance of brown and black people. If allowed to truly flourish, and free of corruption, would run a surplus, it’s only 1.8 billion in debt. This is the artificial shift of money and power that has impoverished nations like this. The people of these nations are the ones who suffer from all of this. That is why they apply to get into the United States.
These are not shithole nations, and the President of the United States should be cognoscente of this. Only the promotion of peace, opportunity, and finding a solution of the immigration in this country should be his job. If I have caused problems in a country in the past, I cannot judge them in the present, I have to provide opportunities and solutions to them, for their homeland and abroad. By the way, why would someone from Norway want to come here? They have excellent healthcare, childcare, opportunity, education, diversity, religious freedom, and other things.

Finally, I’m at rock bottom with the 45th President of the United States. While people are jumping up and down about how he characterizes Haitians, he and his cohorts, cut taxes for the rich, repeal executive orders of President Obama because of obsession, currently under investigation of obstruction of justice as well as collusion with the Russians to tamper with our election. He is also using DACA children as a bargaining chip, instead of actually trying to solve the problem. He has continually attacked the news media, Hispanics, Black people, football players, the FBI, his sorry attorney general, and anyone who challenges his perceived authority.

But, I don’t blame trump; I blame McConnell,  and Ryan, and every despicable complicit republican. Flake of Arizona is the only I’m seeing that has consistently come out against this president. Get active, get involved, get energized, and vote. And finally, DESTROY ALL RACISTS….


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