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The bizarro world of the United States…


I was watching the CNN show which characterizes each decade that comes on Friday nights. It’s an amazing show, speaking to historical events that have changed the world in whatever decade they cover. During “The 90’s” they showed a clip of Bill Clinton’s campaign speech. In it, he said some haunting words, “Make America Great Again”.

I was somewhat struck on hearing that. It was the same slogan as #45 uses, so it’s nothing new. But, #45’s “Great America” is different from what Bill Clinton spoke to. At that time, the country was in a small recession. People were discontent to what seemed on the surface, President Bush, who was a great foreign policy president, was not a very good domestic one. He won the gulf war, guided the United States to be the lone super power, and seemed to be invincible. Bush eventually  lost the election, hurt by votes pulled away by Ross Perot, and, Bill Clinton. But regardless of who won that election, the United States was looked to as being the world’s compass for peace through strength, stability, and leadership.

It’s now 2017, and we are in a different world, except for one major thing, the world’s dependence of leadership from the United States has not changed. Like it or not, the world can be swayed to the United States interests by hard power, the threat of hard power, or soft power. Outside of a few strategically insignificant places, words, as well as actions by the United States give pause to everyone, friend or foe.

When our friends or allies need assistance, the United States is there to help either with
logistic support, airlifts, medical assistance, monetary, and disaster recovery. No country has the heavy lifting airpower that the United States does. When governments began to crumble, it’s the United States who either offers assistance to the leader of that country, or, try to get them out of office in order to start a new government. Sure, we have been involved in covert activities, supporting governments when necessary,  destabilizing governments for our own strategic initiatives, or, supplying weapons for “freedom fighters” against tyrants who’ve gone rouge, and of whom we may have supported.

The United States has to particularly be careful when using hard power. Since WWII, hard power has not gone so well. We tend to be torn between supporting a politician who has weak leadership, or a proxy against an adversary. The countries we tend to go into do not have standing armies, and becomes a monumental task to train, equip, teach tactics and motivation. Most of the time it results into gorilla warfare. The enemy is hard to see, even when they are right in front of your face. After winning the war, or achieving some kind of moral victory, applying democratic theory and security is not a top priority for the country who has just been “liberated”, so their passion for democracy is weak. Finally, it usually falls to civil war, usually battling for natural resources and ideology,  and the only thing we are interested in is getting the hell out of their. From a theoretical point of view, hard power has to be reviewed and applied very similar to the Japanese model after WWII.

Since the Vietnam war, that head of the State department has had a vital role to play in providing American leadership around the world. This is usually a very capable individual, personable, with strong leadership skills, negotiation skills, global thinker, and has the keen knowledge that the position is the tip of the sword in world leadership for the United States. In many ways, the Secretary State is just as important as the Presidents’ position. That person puts forth the President’s agenda globally. This is an extremely important position. That’s why Tillerson is the wrong man for the position, just as #45 is the wrong person to lead the country, here is why. From what I have heard, Tillerson is having a hard time finding the bathroom in the State Department.  The last week in the White house proceeding July 31, 2017, was one of the most chaotic in American history. The new communications director threw the chief of staff under the bus. The chief of staff resigns. The press secretary resigns or is fired. The new chief of staff, General Kelly fires the new communications director. The “skinny” Republican healthcare bill fails. #45 makes inappropriate remarks at a Boy scout jamboree, to which their leadership had to apologize for. #45 makes inappropriate remarks regarding handling suspects at a police convention in New York.

Frankly #45 is an amateur. He’s not much of a person, let alone a grown man. He’s an out and out liar,  a constant whiner, and only bullies those who can’t fight back against him.  The bar is set so low for him that it’s now at the buffoonish level. It has lowered itself to an episode of the three stooges, but it’s not funny.  He can’t strong arm anyone or use the persuasive power of his office. Governing by tweeting is absurd an is no way of running the United States of America.  In a fantastic display of inept leadership, he lied about talking to senior military leadership about the LGBT community in the armed services, in  a weak attempt to deflect attention away from the healthcare reform vote by the senate. These strange, misguided outbreaks of tweets, continual lies, and a outright breach of protocol of trying to set an agenda by typing 144 words is childish behavior. You can’t run a country, especially the most powerful, both economically as well as militarily in world like an exiled Mafia chief giving orders from a prison cell.

Our allies as well as our adversaries are taking note of this. North Korea, has  now taken even closer steps to give them the ability to have intercontinental ballistic missiles. Here are some interesting point you have to remember, forget about all the talk, over flights of bombers, armadas,  and tweets:

  • China is balancing a humanitarian disaster if North Korea’s economy falters.
  • Bombing North Korea is out of the question. Essentially, Seoul is held hostage by having thousands of artillery cannons pointed at it, and the United States can’t guarantee all of the nuclear missiles can be hit by Thaad. In addition, and ensuing ground war will pull the United States in a regional conflict.
  • Introducing the Thaad missile system in the area is seen as a destabilizing force by the Chinese while the United States wants to use it for protection of South Korea and Japan.
  • Cutting a side deal with the “Trump” brand with the Chinese doesn’t mean anything, this is geopolitical, not a business transaction. The real problem is North Korea and how to stop them.
  • Additional sanctions are not going to work. They never work in the long run because a country always adjusts to whatever the sanctions brings them. Want to see examples? Look at Cuba and Iran.
  • This has to come down to bringing the region together in bilateral talks to get this back on track. Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. have to bring their concerns to the table in order to get North Korea to understand the regional concerns.
  • Two, count them, two investigations by the house and senate, along with a special prosecutor looking into collusion with the Russians either directly or indirectly in manipulation of our democratic electoral process with #45’s election team.
  • Many of the items above goes back to having strong leadership from the State Department. Tillerson should have never agreed to a 30% cut to the State Department. . Tillerson, where are you????

Which brings me to the point of Russia

The United States Congress, has acted, and set on rolling out a new set of sanctions against #45’s favorite country, Russia. Putin disrupted our election, but, he didn’t calculate the reaction of congress. Outgoing President Obama applied targeted sanctions against Russia, but now Congress has added some teeth to them.  He (Putin)  thought that #45 could solve his sanction problem, and being a man-child  for Putin. What he didn’t take account for is congress and the separation of powers in the United States government. #45 is still being looked at by several congressional committees as well as the special counsel. Putin’s calculus could have left #45 exposed, especially if #45 does not do his bidding, if he has anything on him. Putin could easily bring #45 down by exposing his monetary connections to the Russian Oligarchs. That probably won’t happen, they have bigger plans for #45.

Everyone knows that Putin is a former KGB agent, and has fooled many people on how to deal with him. First of all, he’s an educated thug, remember that. Thugs have to be out intimidated, remember that. Putin is only learning the long game, but be careful, his short game is formidable. The first thing you have to convey is, “So what, you have nuclear weapons, so do I and mine are much more accurate then yours. I may be at a strategic disadvantage when it comes to the Ukraine, but, but my cyber network, along with my EU partners ( this is where good relations with the EU and NATO is important ), can cause you serious harm. I also know were much of your 200 billion is” , and limiting him opportunity to wash it as well as confiscating some of it to let him know how venerable he is.

You have to remember, once the Soviet Union fell, it was a mess. Russian Oligarch’s seized control of several key industries ( oil, gas, weapons, minerals, etc ), and began to run the country better than Michael Corleone. Putin is seen by many in his country as a mythical hero, getting control of those key industries, and placing certain people in them to better control it, and stabilize the country as a whole. Putin’s role is big Papi, providing cover, control, security, and protection, for a price. He’s the richest man in the world and hardly no one knows it. He also controls the press and the internet, so nothing but good things come out of it when it comes to him.

My message to Tillerson could not be more clearer, “forget that metal of friendship you received from your friend when you were in the private industry. He will subjugated you as well”.

I could go on, but, I’m getting close to dissertation level, and some of you probably stopped reading half way through. On a final note, #45 signed the sanctions from congress. Instead of making a strong statement to follow it up about Russian meddling into the United States election, he basically said the following, “Although I’m signing these sanctions, I am upset with the process and it could be a violation of the constitution and rule of law. In addition, relations with Russia is very bad, and it’s Congress’s fault”.

General Kelly can’t save him. He needs to be pulled out of the oval office, whining, bitchin’ and scratchin’.




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