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18 months plus 100 days of #45 ( Donald Trump)…

Trump-Locker-Room-Cartoon-58b8fdb25f9b58af5cc8205dNow you’re wondering why I put 18 months on the title. Well it because of the grueling election cycle a candidate has to do. I give thanks to #45. I really do, begrudgingly. I grit my teeth in saying it. My tongue curls when thinking of how much he has already destroyed a view, a position, and a level of civility in our land. He didn’t start it, but he poured the accelerant on the flames and fanned it. It was already there, and had become slimier over the years, but he revealed it for all to bare real time. By his election alone, it reveal so many things that have gone wrong in The United States. It was never perfect, but an experiment, a new frontier, of grasslands, of huge and untouched forests, lush and plentiful valleys, rivers, resources, large ranges of topology, mountains, all available to be exploited. It was also stolen from the Native American, and profited magnificently from the slave, and at the same time, winning its right to stand as its own country by gaining its independence from the British.

You see, or perhaps you don’t see, there is the slippery slope, that started out as a lie, and perpetuated the exploitation of many brown people. The lie that all men are created equal, and that all men are free. Well, that was partially true, if you were white, particularly white male. For in those very words in the Constitution, it also spoke of the slave, and of  being three fifths of a man, to maintain a level of control for voting and congressional representation. In those words, the founding document of this land was the lie directly in your face, but never challenged or spoken to it, because as a slave, you couldn’t read.

One of the many things that the United States provided that other countries could not was freedom from religious persecution, and opportunity. But, as our country evolved, it had to amend that living document of freedom called the Constitution, because, of the many flaws it contains.

For example:

The Civil Rights Act of 1866

An act to protect ALL persons in the United States in their civil rights and liberties, and furnish the means of their Vindication.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 also said that any citizen has the same right that a white citizen has to make and enforce contracts, sue and be sued, give evidence in court, and inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property.

Now, it contains more information, but you get the relevance of this. It meant that everyone is equal, period. Now you have to remember what you were dealing with at that time, over 200 years of slavery so how were you going to wash that out of the mind of the whole country, especially those who lived south of the Mason Dixon line. Amazingly, once out of slavery, black people began to succeed, better than most by the way. But that was soon shut down, thus the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, and Jim Crow laws saw to it to keep that former “slave” in his place.

So, after almost 100 years of Jim Crow and voter discrimination, disputes in labor laws, voter suppression in the south, hanging, lynching, civil rights marches, inequities in education, etc…, the next big step was:

The Civil Rights Act of 1963

An act to enforce the constitutional right to vote, to confer jurisdiction upon the district courts of the United States of America to provide injunctive relief against discrimination in public accommodations, to authorize the Attorney General to institute suits to protect constitutional rights in public facilities and public education, to extend the Commission on Civil Rights, to prevent discrimination in federally assisted programs, to establish a Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity, and for other purposes.

This one added teeth to the original Civil Rights Act of 1886. This act was much more robust, powerful, and also divided the country. Many of the second generation Republicans are the descendants of those who left the Democratic Party, who attempted to preserve their “way of life”, in their communities, especially below the Mason Dixon line.

Now I’m severely generalizing at this point, but in order not to write a dissertation, Barack Obama was elected President in 2009. Once again, an amazing feat, and a show of progress in race relations in this country, at first. But, the “backlash” or that it has been put as “white lash”, was the Tea Party, who masked themselves as fiscal conservatives but were ultimately racists whom would not go along to where the country was moving to. It was too much too soon, similar to what politician use to say about equal rights. Many politicians capitalized on this, including #45, and also Ted Cruz.

The “birther movement”, along with a set of congressmen men and woman would not budge one bit on any legislative agenda by President Obama. Even as I write this,#45 blames President Obama for the Syrian crisis, when it was the do nothing Congress that didn’t allow him to press the United States agenda in 2013. As a constitutional lawyer, he went to congress seeking authorization to use some kind of military force to stop Assad from gassing people. Congress said “NO”. He has been accused as being feckless and weak because of that decision.

But you have to remember, in 2013, the United States was in a different place. Assisting in the fight in Libya. The continued war in Afghanistan, the drawdown in Iraq. Syria was not an issue that the United States public was willing to step into. #45 defies the constitution and bombs Syria for a more recent gas attack. A show of force on a military airport, that was operational the next day.

During#45 presidential run, he issued list of lies that would eclipse this particular blog. Wiretapping, voter fraud, beating ISIS in 30 days,  repealing the affordable care act, building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, Muslim ban, fake news accusations, fake inauguration numbers, rhetoric about how many golfing trips President Obama made but now he’s played more than Obama did in his first 90 days. He’s inflamed allies, cozied up to Russia, and has sent the wrong signal on every issue, big and small. It’s so bad that when he finally get something right, they actually heap an accomplishment that rivals the ending of WWII celebration. He has also said NATO is not relevant, then turns around and says its relevant. Says he want to vanquish NAFTA, now wants to renegotiate NAFTA. You see how this is going? Inability understand the issues before commenting on them.

  • #45 has spent more taxpayer money on personal travel at this point in his presidency than any US president in recorded history.
  • #45 has taken more vacation days at this point in his presidency than any US president in recorded history.
  • #45 has passed fewer bills into law at this point in his presidency than any US president in recorded history.
  • #45 has the lowest popularity rating at this point in his presidency of any US president in recorded history.
  • #45 has profited from going to his resorts and other properties while president.
  • #45 has consistently been a proven liar. This goes beyond just the normal lying all politicians do, he lies for an agenda, scheming with it. He loses credibility because he lies so much.
  • #45 tried to build a wall with tax payer money, not happening
  • #45 Tried to repeal the Affordable Car act….. nada..
  • #45 travel ban overturned…Twice.

So while trying to initiate presidential policy, foreign policy, threatening several nations sovereignty through tweeting, wasting money dropping bombs, maintaining a false bravado, lying to the American public, campaigning instead of governing, this individual has somehow brought the world, not just the United States, but the whole world closer to nuclear confrontation. North Korea can roll out as many missiles, goose stepping soldiers, tanks, planes, and banner carrying people as they like, it’s their country, and if they want to worship and overweight third generation “god” that is their business. Sending Vice President Pence in a leather jacket and “starring down” a few North Korean soldiers at the DMZ doesn’t mean anything. True face to face negotiations starting with the Secretary of State Tillerson is the only solution.

All the while, the huge shadow of the FBI investigation looms over the presidency, while he has ratcheted up military activities in Syria, Afghanistan, and North Korea. More and more allegations are coming out, but it’s hard to gather the information when he has covered his tracks fairly well…. So far.

And now that he passes his milestone 100 days in office, he is downplaying it, saying 100 days is ridiculous to measure a President by,   and sounding like the office of Presidency is a lot of hard work, and that he misses his former life. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

What I don’t see out of him is being a quick learner. In negotiating with North Vietnam, Nixon would send Henry Kissinger to deliberate with North Vietnam leadership. Kissinger would tell the North Vietnamese that Nixon was a wild card, and you should negotiate quickly.  He may start bombing any minute. Whenever the North Vietnamese hedged, Nixon would do just that, bomb them. Then Kissinger would come back and say, “see, I told you so, I’m trying to help you, I can’t control him”. Tillerson, in many ways seems to have a more level head than his boss, and while Trump makes statements not in line with either the secretary to the UN or Tillerson. But #45 and Tillerson are not on the same page.

But in this instants, bombing North Korea should be the last option. North Korea has a standing army, within artillery range of Seoul, South Korea. He doesn’t even have to use nuclear weapons as a retaliatory tool. Because #45 is so use to doing a deal at a time, he doesn’t realize that this is a regional issue, and that all those surrounding areas to North Korea ( China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Thailand, Laos, Russia, Taiwan ) will and should have a say. When you bring that many countries to the table, that is pressure that he would have to recognize rather than deal with just the United States. Sending an “armada” there, ( carrier strike group) only ratchet up the situation.

Finally, don’t let this administration fool you, the Republican’s are using #45 for their own agenda, getting him to act or move towards legislation to suite their pockets, or their corporate benefactors. He has set the bar so low for himself that when he does something right, he is praised beyond belief. So, 100 days, and counting…




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