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Now, let’s get past all the political lies and fake news and deal with science, which is the real truth! Trappist-1 . Not a name that you would think of as a star that would have 7, Count them 7 earth size planets orbiting it! Now, in the run-up to the news days before , I was Saying things to myself like, “Here we go again, another NASA overblown story on a space event that is really not that significant”. But, in every single Way, this one is very significant.

Now we have found exoplanets before, some hot, some cold, some like diamonds, some in a binary system, but only a few earthlike planets. Heck it was only recently that we were able to “see” or detect the smaller planets orbiting a distant sun. Thanks to the discovery of 51-Pegasi b in 1995, finding planets around stars has been relatively frequent in nature.

Now with telescopes like Kepler and other ground based telescopes, we can detect planets around any star, if they exist. That is an amazing leap in technology.But, once I studied the data about Trappist-1, it then dawned on me what it could really mean. That is, the significance of God as it pertains to this discovery.

The great astrophysicist, Neal deGrasse Tyson once said, “As our degree of understanding grows, the significance of “God” gets smaller and smaller”. Now to someone of great faith and spiritual enlightenment, this discovery means nothing as to the existence of God, God exists because of the leap of faith that precedes it, regardless of anything that’s been discovered.

But think about it. The concept of a planet revolving around a star 30 years ago was only a figment of the imagination of a few scientists and movies about space itself. Sure there have been UFO sightings back then, but no real “evidence” of beings from space, or a home world for them. Just over 90 years ago, Edmund Hubble discovered that there are galaxies all over the place in the universe and they are moving!

If animals, plants, Amoebas, microbes, or humanoids exists on Trappist-1, It would have to change your thinking of your place in the universe, and if any humanoids are there. How do they live, what if anything do them  pray to, if they even do that? Because of the multiple planets that exist in that system, there could possibly be multiple planets with multiple humanoid populations.

They can’t be praying to the same “God”. Jesus could not do the same thing on that planet that he did here. Their God may be female. God may not have flooded their planet. There may not be any “Promised land” there. Heck, there may not even be anything related to conflicts, war, genocide, atomic bombs, race, etc… Hell for them may not even exist.

If they have developed language, it would be different, just as it’s different from continent to continent to region here. Animals may develop differently, more complex, less complex, I mean it leave the mind wondering what is out there.

Finally, it does give us relevance though. Relevance that we have our own planet, and that we are fighting over grains of sand, and whose religion is better. Capitalism, Socialism, etc…We drill for oil and gas, and want to start burning coal again. We lie about what we can do for the greater public, and play upon their fears. If only we learned more for science and logic, we would not be swayed by a misogynistic, narcissist, womanizing, lying, and racist pig.

Given our state of progress, if those planets were close enough to get there by rocket, we would find a way to exploit whoever was there for our own biddings. Or be more enlightened to know that there are other places out there, better places, free from all of man’s inability to respect man.

More power to the engines Scotty, we have to get there ASAP!



One comment on “Trappist-1

  1. JoJo
    March 5, 2017

    Well written. Enjoyed the read!

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