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Of facts and Speculation… and of Mice and men…

putintrumpThis is a story of Facts and Speculation, Not fake news. This is not to deceive, but to speculate on some things that have been proven, and point out some things that are unknown…

Here is a scenario

Trump, unable to get any loans from US banks, through is off shore dealings, borrows money from Russians oligarchs who are connected with Putin. Partially true. Because we have not tax returns to confirm these transactions, or even if they are there, this is only a probably scenario.

Putin solidifies his power by taking over some of the oil companies. FACT

At a later date Trump gets to know Putin. FACT

Trump’s show the Apprentice, get major play, adding to Trumps over bloated ego. FACT

Putin’s agenda is to mettle in some of the former Soviet Satellite states through subversion, election manipulations, intimidation, assassinations, and media suppression. He learned from this and takes on the big fish, the United States of America with the same tactics. FACT

Trump decides to run for President after riding the birther movement and getting shamed by President Obama at the Washington Press core dinner. FACT

Trump uses his bravado to change the way debates are run, and gains momentum doing stump speeches, name calling, appealing to many areas forgotten by the major candidates. He also strategically goes after the states that Bernie won against Hillary Clinton. FACT

Putin, begins his subversion of the United States election. Cyber-attacks on both parties, and using data to destroy one ( Democrats ), and subjugate the other ( Republicans ). At first he’s not so concerned about who wins, but who loses. He wants to beat Hillary badly. Strong probability based upon FACTS. No details but the United State government has put sanctions on the Russian government because of it. The real details are classified.

The grey area is, when Trump’s team began contacting the Russian spy services. Big question mark. Speculation

To his surprised, he won. But on the way, maintains his ties to his Russian friends. FACT

His Russian friends now want some pay back in helping him win the election by fake news, hacking, and negative press. Because they essentially bailed him out with previous loans, to which he still owes them money, they want the gas and oil deal that they feel was taken from them when Obama instilled the sanctions on Russia. That gas and oil deal involved Exxon, the mega deal. To put it bluntly, these Russian Oligarchs are greedy and ruthless like the Mafia, and have no sense of altruistic. FACT

The Exxon oil deal with Russia was going to be the biggest ever. They were salivating about it. They wanted THE deal. Trump throws them a major bone by picking Tillerson, Exxon’s CEO, by Tillerson being Trump’s State department head, he tells the Russians, ”we both will make a huge sum of money”. FACT

To make sure Trump stays in line, enter Mike Flynn who had been on the Russian payroll. Putin surrogates get a message to Flynn to make sure Trump understands how important this is to them. Speculation. It is a fact that Flynn was on the Russian payroll, but messages sent through Flynn is only speculations.

US intelligence agencies told Trump and then President Barack Obama about Russian efforts to build up compromising financial and personal information about him last month. This was the last thing Trump wanted to here, so he disparages the intelligence community. FACT

Trump has also refused to release his tax returns to rebut claims that he is not being truthful when he says he has no investments or exposure to Russia. FACT

Flynn, a former military officer, he’s been doing business in Russia since his retirement and by his appointment of National Security advisor, has given them complete access to get to Trump. To address any of their concerns, he talked to them via cell phone, and the intelligence agencies were listening…Flynn’s conversations were exposed, and he had to be fired. Flynn’s act broke the Logan amendment, and he should be prosecuted as such. FACT

Putin steps in and insists he wants a major piece of the oil deal between Exxon and the Russian oil conglomerates. He also sees an opportunity to get some payback in Eastern Europe as well, Crimea and put the fear of god in the Baltic States and Poland. Speculation.

Putin didn’t like HRC, didn’t like President Obama, and now is emboldened to cause political havoc in the United States system, and that subversion helped Trump get elected. The Russians are so flush with cash from oil sales they can get away with it, they have one of the best spy networks on the planet and proved what they can do to our election cycle. FACT

Trump, who wants to make sure Putin understands everything is OK, speaks pleasantly about Putin, smoothing over any rough patches. The war is getting expensive in Syria, Putin is trying to close it down, get out, and get “that money” with a new oil deal with Exxon. FACT

Through Putin surrogates and Steve Bannon, Trump is told to put in question the viability of NATO, to which some countries have not been paying all of their bills. FACT – through Bannon’s speeches and articles, he’s stated these ideas.

To distance himself from all the political drama in Washington DC, Putin breaks the medium range missile treaty, buzzes US ships in the black sea, and sends a ship to act as a spy ship off the coast of the United Sates. That’s all a smoke screen, Trump is in Putin’s back pocket. Speculation It’s odd that a Russian spy ship suddenly appears on the east coast, combined with buzzing of the United States surface ships in the Black sea.

Putin gets it, but, is watching Trump closely, through his surrogates (covertly) in the US, and doesn’t like what he sees. He begins to apply mild pressure to him. He begins slow leaks of negative information to make sure Trump understand who he is dealing with. Which is:

An Oil Oligarch who can cut off oil and natural gas to Europe at any time, with a vast continental army. Large navy, and nuclear weapons. In other words, Putin is

Trump’s new Daddy, and he knows it. It explains his constant pleasant behavior towards Putin. FACT and speculation. I don’t know if Putin wants to be referred to as Trump’s daddy.

If the United States becomes “Russificationized” then we all will be living a big lie… To which we are anyway. Think about this:

Trump continues to lie… Only the media is fact checking him, and he is continually tries to marginalize them, and it works with his base, that’s all he’s concerned about. He is perfectly fine with governing a divided America, he doesn’t see the protest crowds anyway. FACT

The Republican don’t address anything that’s going on because they have their own agenda, and as long as their voting base does not turn against them because of Trump, they go along with it, and put forth their own agenda. FACT

The Democrats have no power, thus, can do nothing but delay tactics for Trumps cabinet appointments. FACT


One comment on “Of facts and Speculation… and of Mice and men…

  1. JoJo
    March 5, 2017

    Great read. The next four years will be quite interesting. We’ll see how this all unfolds. Hopefully, we’ll live to tell about it!

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