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In 1968, John Ehrlichman and Richard Nixon devised a plan to disrupt the antiwar left, and black people. To do this, they declared war on drugs, and associated marijuana to hippies and heroin with black people. They criminalizd both heavily, and disrupted those communities. Arrests, raids, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. It literally destroyed a segment of the black community, and planted a perpetual seed of drug infiltration in black neighborhoods.

Now the alt-right has and will argue against this, applying todays rules to something that happened in the past. In addition, they scoff at this idea, calling it conspiracy theory rhetoric. But remember, Jim Crow didn’t end until 1964, and the black community wasn’t  free before or immediately following that year. The black community had its issues before 1964, but they were magnified by, less freedom of movement, inability to take “whites” to court for unfair treatment, racism, lack of opportunity, lynchings, intimidation, etc…

Oliver north did the same thing, sold weapons to Iran, invested in the growing and harvesting of drugs, shipped them to the west coast, and used characters like Freeway Rick Ross to distribute across the nation, and use the profits to fund an illegal war in Central America. The seed had already been planted years before this, all he did was find an enterprising drug dealer who figured out how to make more money. All this was done on the backs of black people.

Now, all of this funds the prison industrial complex acros america, to which is modern day chattel.

Donald Trump comes to office and says he’s going to be the most law and order President ever.Donald Trump uses code words. In order to attack President Obama, he attacked his birth legitimacy, which was really a code word for race ( birtherism ). Today there are those who still think he’s Muslim who was born in Kenya.

In  the 2016 election cycle, it is now the Mexicans, and once again, the  black who will be the target. Jailing more blacks and deporting more Mexicans, and subposebly, build a wall. All for the sake of law and order. No, all for the sake of racism, and to cultivate the votes for it.

He can care less about John Lewis. It’s a smoke screen. the real prize is to get his pick into the Secretary of State position, eliminate the sanctions against Russia that were implemented by President Obama, and, to strike the megillion deal between Exxon Mobile and the Russian state run oil company in oil rich Siberia, and cut that 500 billion dollar deal. Big oil is going to have a field day under Trump.

Say hello to the new Republic my friend….I’m sorry, dictatorship.



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