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And soon the king will wear no clothes…


At the Golden Globe awards, Meryl Streep emasculated the soon to be President Donald Trump. What was even more telling was how she did it, without even mentioning his name. She went back to the controversial mocking of a disabled reporter, to which in my opinion, should have been his undoing, even more so than the “locker room” conversation of grab them by the pu$$y. I coach high school football, young men say some silly things at times in the locker room, but nothing so immature.

Trump, as usual, was provoked into his usual twitter tirade the next morning, saying that she is an “overrated actor” and denying that he meant his jesters were targeting a handicapped individual. Now, here is where the deplorables love him, supposedly; that he’s a straight shooter, and says exactly what he feels, and also speaks for them in their language.

Comments like what Meryl Streep said will be a steady drumbeat throughout his administration, there is a price to pay for continued lying, denial, and inability to govern. I’m still waiting for the information about the hacking he was going to furnish that nobody else knows, which is now a week overdue. So where is all the information your people “dug up” on President Obama’s birth certificate? Oh I forgot, Trump ended it by saying the President was a citizen of the United States, I’m glad you reminded him and the rest of us of that.

When he got the intelligence briefing, he decided to pontificate on what the Russians did had no effect on the outcome of the presidential election. Which shows the major point of…. He’s way too concerned about his legitimacy to the American public.He’s right, a candidate who lost the popular vote by 2.8 million, has engaged in inviting a rival country  to hack or find HRC emails and as of yet, has not shown his tax returns. Oh, and the only consistency he has shown so far is the use of the word “overrated”. He has used it in 63% of his tweets. All this is still a cute tale of a candidate getting ready to take over as the President of the United States of America. When that day comes, everything will change for him. The lying and doublespeak will come crashing to an end, he will have to govern, and he can’t.

In the people’s mind, he’s already an illegitimate President. Name calling, skirting the media, not holding press conferences, trying to twitter he way though the world, not trusting the United States intelligence apparatus, along with all the other campaign rhetoric that paved his way to the White House. But, this is all smoke and mirrors. A ploy, a dodge, misdirection at its finest. The real issue is the Republican agenda…

  1. Trying to set aside ethics issues admits confirmation hearings for the Trump(trumplethinskin)  administration.
  2. The introduction of a bill to reduce embassy security by 50% ( Cruz, Rubio, Heller)
  3. Fires all US Ambassadors and special Envoys.
  4. Republican controlled congress brings back the Holman rule, allowing them to reduce an individual’s civil services.
  5. House GOP expressly forbid the Congressional Budget Office from reporting or tracking ANY cost related to the repeal of the ACA.
  6. Trump continues to throw the intelligence community under the bus to protect Putin despite evidence of Russian wrongdoing.
  7. Trump ( trumplethinskin) now wants the American people to pay for the wall, and will bill Mexico later.
  8. House passes the REINS act, giving them veto power over any rules.
  9. Trump threatens Toyota over a new plant that was never coming to the United States nor will take jobs from the United States.
  10. Tried to get rid of the Congressional oversight committee.

So, while we all are focused on how insane TrumplethinSkin is, the GOP congress and senate are going to try to dismantle the country. Always watch your back…


One comment on “And soon the king will wear no clothes…

  1. Rosa grandinetti
    January 9, 2017

    All well said…..glad I am Canadian……..

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