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trumpIf Donald truly wanted to be a casino owner, he should have mimicked Steve Wynn, who started his career digging his family out of a 350,000 debt left by his deceased father’s bingo parlor business, and eventually building it into a Vegas powerhouse, with a personal net worth of 2.8 billion dollars.

If Donald truly wanted to be a real estate mogul, he could have emulated Steven A. Ross, who is worth 12 billion, and has a number of properties in New York and also owns the Miami Dolphins. Or better yet, work with his father and grow a family business.

If Donald truly wanted to govern, he could have run for governorship of New York, honing his skills as an administrator, proving his ability to govern, and readying him for a presidential run. But instead he wanted to build his brand, and be a reality show host.

If he wanted to create a real university, he could have followed the path of John D. Rockefeller, who helped start the University of Chicago. All the now defunct Trump University did was fool people into spending a lot of money they didn’t have, and nothing to show for it.

He could have been a philanthropist, but, he only believes in ingratiating himself.

Donald could have been a lot of things, and his exuberance could have carried him even further through despite his inequities. But unfortunately it has not. At times he has flashes of brilliance, then sinks to the smoke and mirror caricature we now see flailing like an angry penguin on the playground. If you look at his business practices, it seems as if he has no focus, going at something at first ( real estate ), then sports ( New Jersey Generals), then Casinos ( Atlantic city), then having no ability or desire to manage and grow the business. It flounders, it falters, it falls into disrepair, he bankrupts it, he takes the assets, then runs without tarnishing his name brand.

He could be talking about policy, but on the speech trail leading to the third debate, he talks about “Crooked Hillary”, name calling, voter fraud, a rigged election, Hillary’s on drugs,  and has helped destroy the Republican party.

He’s finally become indefensible to the Republican party. The Republican fell victim of appeasement, people were drawn in by his brand, he drew more people than ever so they had to appease him even though they truly didn’t want him.

What the Republicans didn’t understand was that appeasement to this guy was a loss. At first he wasn’t taken seriously during the primary debates. Second, they started with a semi weak field, and Bush never got any traction. Third, Romney should have run, but decided not to because he wanted to see some younger Republicans take charge, I think. Donald became Teflon, attacking each threat to his popularity in the primaries, and could do nothing wrong, and the deplorables got behind him.  The Republicans didn’t use the Winston Churchill theory, “Never appease a Dictator”, Neville Chamberlain learned that the hard way with Hitler. The Republican party should have never gotten behind him and scolded him severely each and every time he did something that didn’t convey their values.

McCain, you sold out your values way too early, endorsing him despite the insults he laid upon you for being captured by the North Vietnamese ( shot down, broke both shoulders, attempted to use you as a propaganda tool once they found out who your father was, and a POW for 5 years). Also, McCain let the barn door open by giving voice to Sarah Palin, leader of the deplorables.

He used the media as a propaganda tool, regardless of good press or bad press, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the Republican Channel FOXNews, all gave him face and quote time.

So there you have it. A reality show host, conspiracy theorist, misogynistic, ego maniac, charlatan, 4 time Casino failure, name calling bully, and liar running for President of the United States.

He knows the game is up, so he’s saving face by saying it’s rigged. Next up, TrumpTV….A new haven for the deplorables.  sickening….


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