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Brexit and the viability of the United States…

brexitAt lunch today, I went to my car to get some solace. You know, quiet time, with the subtle hint of the radio in the background. So I turned on the radio, and guess who was on, Rush Limbaugh. I have not heard him in quite some time. In fact, I had stopped listening to him all together, and with good reason, he’s exactly the same. Now you might say, why would you even listen to him, and I would answer, “I love to listen to conspiracy theorists”.

It’s funny how that can happen, you’ve been on the radio and media so long that you begin to sound like a rerun. I bet I can say the same for Howard Stern, whom I have not heard in a long time as well. At least Howard is listenable, yet crude. Rush is just plan crazy, and here’s why; he speaks to the last bastion of paranoid  white people who think they are loosing it all. His topic that day, liberal payback. Of all things, liberal payback for all the inequities of what “white people” have done around the world, and that’s what really behind Brexit. Well, there may be a sliver of truth to that though, for the first time, the British are being encroached up, and they can’t stand it, after all that conquering, pillaging, and destroying they did around the world. The Americas, India, parts of Africa, the Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, Australia, etc… The Brits ego just couldn’t handle being subjugated to the EU, and they just wanted out!!!!

Which led me to start connecting the dots. What took the wind out of the British Empire anyway? Was it one single thing? Or, was it a combination of things that led to them reluctantly joining the EU in the first place, then finally saying, ENOUGH!!!!! by a slim 52 to 48 percentage of voting. Now, around the world, markets panicked, so said the media. “The market likes stability”, they said. “This could be the start of a cascading event”, another commentator said. Oh, the markets like stability, hmmm, remember the great recession and who started it? Those same mickey fickies who caused the great recession in the first place!!!!!!  But, wait a minute, it’s England, only England.

The British decline started in the 20th century. WWI started the slow bleed for them. They lost a lot of people in that war, and was the beginning of them not being able to subjugate their conquered lands anymore. Sure, they carved up Iraq and Syria along with the French after WWI when the Ottoman Empire fell, but, they did it the wrong way, and sewed the seeds to their own demise. The Brits still had more territory than anyone else outside of the Soviet Union and the largest navy in the world. But, it was all a paper tiger.  The Germans, with their new mechanism called “lightning war”, could take out an enemy quickly, while the British needed time to rally the troops, bring conscripts in to fight because of their low manpower. They were highly trained and could fight very well, but they could not sustain the heavy losses that a combatant could place upon you. When they declared war on Germany in 1939, they were not prepared, and neither were the French. All they could do is hope and pray the United States would eventually get involved, which they did, via Japan attacking Pearl Harbor. The sleeping giant awoken, and soon after that, the idea of perpetual war. When WWII ended, the United States was the only super power, initially.

Now after WWII London was devastated, almost as bad as Berlin. Between German bombers, V1 and V2 bombing, 70% of the city, and 1 million homes were destroyed. Remember, London was the largest city in the world at that time.The European continent was on the verge of starvation. If it wasn’t for the United States, all of Europe would have fallen  under the thumb of Stalin and the Soviet Union, and many more people would have died. At  the same time, India worked its way for independence, which forced another capitulation by the Brits, giving up control of the Suez canal to the newly formed Egypt, which won its independence from England in 1922.When India declared it’s independence in 1947, it was game over for the Brits as far as being a world power.

So, in order to compete economically with the United States, to prevent future devastating wars, and to permit seamless trade policies, the European Economic community came into being in 1957, to which England was not one of the founding members, and did not officially join until 1973. The reasons why the markets reacted to negatively is because they didn’t think it was going to happened, and market access. Many companies (American companies) use England as their gateway into the EU, setting up shop in England which provides a place of operation to go through. The Brexit referendum put their plan of operation in jeopardy.

In the meantime, the United States and the Soviet Union had been grown into superpowers, and embroiled in the Cold War. But, there was a time, a very important time period, that large multinational corporation figured out something. That time period was 1951 – 1962, the military industrial complex came into being. What I mean is, for the first time in United States history, you had companies, or subsidiaries of companies dedicated strictly to creating weapons for the United State government, as well to their friendly neighbors.

They built a large military infrastructure, capable of destroying the world many times over.Jets, planes, rockets, bombers, infrastructure, all kinds of projects that made a lot of money for companies who lobbied congress to purchase more, and give the illusion that we can be attacked at any given minute. “They are coming to get us!”, is there call sign for vote for a Republican for president and spend more money on “the complex”. Even President Eisenhower  had a foreboding warning about the growing military industrial complex that was created under his watch in his exit speech from the White House.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, we have been “at war” at the beck and call of any oil nation, and chasing down ghosts of nuclear weapons creators. The only one who really has one we have not touched, thank goodness, but I bet they are figuring  out a way to create some kind of conflicted with him (North Korean Premier) now.

War gets the nod above education, infrastructure, and state subsidies for university training. Our new competitors, China, does not spend nearly as much as the United States does on it’s war machine, the use money and an economic playbook to win over strategic countries for them. They United States is still working under the cold war matra: sell them weapons. The most example is the United States selling Vietnam, of all places Vietnam, weapons! FOR WHAT?? The best way to win over the populous over there is education, technology, and business opportunities, or economic progress, not more guns. They are still trying to clean up the still dangerous cluster bombs that are all over the country, still maiming people. Vietnam will be a buttress against China in the China sea claims of territory.

At the same time as the Brexit referendum was voted upon, Donald Trump was in England at the opening of a his new golf resort, and without any information about it at all, he basically said that they voted to get their country back, and the same thing will happen in the United States in the fall. Oh, and he also talked about how easier it will be to travel to England, and to his resort ( you see business people always find a way to make money in a crisis, or, a perceived one). I’m sure they were lining up to buy their tickets to a golf course in another country which they couldn’t afford to play one hole at anyway but, “Make America great again!”.

But, the Donald has it wrong again. The United States does not belong to a “Union” which has gone beyond economic guidelines. We freely trade with everyone. We didn’t have over 400 years of internal wars to finally “get it right”. We didn’t go out and subjugate the world ( we do it through dictators ). Although some US citizens want isolationism, the country cannot thrive and a closed society. England conquered there way to the top, the US did it reluctantly. The United States is a totally different animal than England. Similar but different.

In the end, cooler heads will prevail, and the “markets” will find stability again. The EU will work out a deal with the Brits so that money will still flow, but the Brits will get back some perceived autonomy.  So while the Chinese encroach upon Central and South America, Africa and other parts of the world, and continue to invest in their educational process,  the United States, still stuck in Cold war politics, will still be funding  weapons purchases and destabilizing hot spots around the world, and defunding the public school systems around the country, while laying all the debt of higher education on graduating students.  By the way, did you see the news, Iran is purchasing passenger planes from Boeing. All that because President Obama put forth an olive branch instead of a bullet to have a treaty in place for Iran to curb their nuclear ambitions, free up THEIR frozen assets since 1980, and allow them entry into the WTO so they can trade their way back into the world market. Trade is the answer to war, not isolationism, which lead to a war footing. The United States need to work with nations, not the suggestion to build walls and isolate them. The Brits got this one wrong.

Brexit… Already an after thought, but something to remember….





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