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It’s easy to make promises, when you’re not President.


From a pragmatic standpoint, I have to give it to the Republicans. They have tried their best to de-ligitimize the President of the United States. Not just the person, but, in many ways, the office of the Presidency itself. Two year into the President’s term, the speaker of the house, Mitch McConnell stated the following:

“Our No. 1 priority is to make this president a one-term president,”’

Now, granted, that was a snipped of a larger narrative of the interview that this statement was made in. The “our” part of this means the Republican party. And frankly, if he said that in some cigar smoked filled backroom meeting of the senior membership of the Republican constituency and donors, I have no problem with that. He should be free to speak to a cause of their goals and aspirations, they all do. So I looked up what the majority leadership of the Senate’s job it, and this is what I found:

  • To set the Senate’s annual schedule of work-days and days in recess, in consultation with the Speaker of the House.
  • To move to adjourn or recess the Senate, thereby adjusting the Senate’s daily work schedule.
  • To choose legislative priorities and schedule legislation for floor debate and votes.
  • To announce to the Senate changes in scheduling and any agreements negotiated about the agenda or the schedule with the Minority Leader.
  • To consult with the Speaker of the House to arrange joint sessions and meetings.
  • To represent the Senate on ceremonial occasions.
  • To provide hospitality and welcome official visitors, such as foreign dignitaries, to the Senate.

So he/she is suppose to manage the everyday process of the Senate. Essentially, you’re a glorified calendar keeper for the Senate, with the bonus of welcoming official visitors and foreign dignitaries.  Nowhere does it state that the job requires you to relieve the sitting President of his position if you’re the opposing party. Now here is something ole Mitch could hang his hat on:

“To define his party’s policy agenda and priorities in consultation with his party colleagues serving in the Senate.”

Now that is a stated policy or function of the Senate Majority AND Senate Minority leader. But the key word is, “consultation”, which in my translation, the cigar smoke filled room, talking among their colleagues.

Now, I have saved my evaluation of the Republican candidacy for President of the United States ( save Ben Carson, whew)  because there were too many candidates, and the inability to actually hear true policy from each one because of the “Reality show” type debates that have been brought on by one single candidate, Donald Trump. You know, the king of the birther movement. The one who wants to build a wall along the US/Mexican border. They guy who wants to deport 11 million illegal aliens. The person who says we are not great anymore.

Because of this reality show fervor, there is no real substantial sustained policy discussion, and when they try to focus it or nail down Donald Trump on any of them, he’s able to wiggle out of it by turning the tables on his opponent. He has brought out a few narratives that are true, but in the long run, his Presidency would be a chaotic  web of steps that would be similar of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attempt to govern California, a huge deficient latent mess, full of bravado talk, no ability to govern, and a eugenics baby born out of wedlock.

The last Republican debate was entertaining yet embarrassing. Carson complained that he was not asked any questions. But, when he finally got a chance to respond, his answers were incoherent. Armstrong Williams should at least “school” him on his inability to stop taking long blinks of his eyes while trying to formulate a response to a question, while flailing his arms and hand in the air like a penguin. His body language alone leaves little to be impressed by, let along his answer.

Donald on the other hand, has said something, ( and keeps repeating it ), that politicians take large sums of money from big donors, and then have to be beholden to them after they get elected. He’s right, that is a huge thing in my evaluation, how can Hillary be for the masses yet take money from Goldman Sachs and other large donors. Lloyd (Blankfein)  has a direct line to her. The best I can do is write him a certified letter and hope he reads it ( to which I have, and to which he hasn’t).

Donald, by the way, is loud, animated, a bully, and a promise maker with no substance. Bottom line, he’s a salesmen/deal maker who now wants to be a politician. In the black world, some athletes want to be rappers, and rappers want to be athletes. In the white world, some businessmen want to be politicians, and politicians want to be businessmen. In either world, it’s a rarity that they make it work. Jessie Ventura, who was Governor of the state of Minnesota, was a former Navy Seal, WWF wrestler, Actor, and one term Governor who actually got some things done as a reform party candidate. Donald may have taken a few things from Jesse’s script for his run for the Presidency.

But Donald’s policy details are vague and shallow at best, but guess what, his constituency doesn’t care. I could punch holes in his debates, bending of the truth, and outright misconceptions, but it doesn’t matter, He’s go the ear of whomever is voting for him. His demographic is somewhat across the board, but, one thing is consistent about them, they are kinda pissed off, and he appeals to him. But, blame the President for that. Yes, I blame Barrack Obama for that one.  The blame goes as follow:

The rise of the tea party and Sarah Palin’s of the world is sort of like the interview of an captured ISIS terrorist, which he stated, “Radical Islam, or the Islamic state was a flower dying in the wind of the desert sand. When the United States invaded Iraq,  it provided water to the flower, and now it grows exponentially”.

The Tea Party didn’t exist before President Obama. They didn’t talk of taking our country back. There wasn’t any any political speak of disrespecting the office of the Presidency, or a birther movement. There wasn’t any talk of dehumanizing the first Lady. They weren’t ready to burn the house down while you’re still in it. That blame I put on the President is that he has the same disposition as me, or at least he looks like it, except for two glaring things, I’m not a politician, and I’m not President. I think you get what I mean by that.

So instead of continuing to pontificate, I’ll save it for part 2, if necessary. I want strong candidates from both parties, not mud slinging candidates who sound more like a reality show selection. I want real policy discussion, not theatrics. I want to be able to pick the best candidate possible, for the sake of the union.  In the mean time, if Donald becomes President, you may want to learn the Canadian National anthem…






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