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The Nuclear Jeannie…

jeannieThe Jeannie is out of the bottle. Not the one that use to be on Coco beach in “I dream of Jeannie”. She did have great abs which I was fascinated with it as a child, but, I’m talking about a different Jeannie.  What I mean is, the nuclear Jeannie. There are two ways to look at this, either join the club,  or choose not to. You may choose to, but you risk condemnation from those around you, and, force them to make a decision about what they need to do as well. No one wants to sit next to a country with a nuclear weapon, and not have one. Unless your buddy in the United States. The perfect example is  India and Pakistan.

Without going into all of the political and religious wrangling of the two countries, they both have nuclear weapons. Not good for two ideologies that hate each other. There is some bad blood between India and Pakistan, and both have upped the anti by acquiring nuclear weapons. They even traded detonations of the weapons to even further heighten the already contentious nature between the two countries. Even to further the issues, Pakistan is not a very stable government as it is, with a lot of corruption as well as radical groups within it. That does not play well with the regional countries around it.

Now, on the other hand, North Korea, the PRNC, has nuclear weapons despite severe sanctions.  They also have nuclear capable delivery systems. All this while maintaining a strict regime, and living like a third world nation to its prosperous South Korean neighbor. While China has been quiet on the matter, the rest of the world, especially the United States, South Korea, and Japan have expressed their concern about the PRNC getting Nukes. There leader is considered a god, like his father and grandfather before him. I’ve always wondered, “If he is a god, then why do they die like everyone else?”

But who am I to question a god of a nation who needs nuclear weapons. A god should not need nuclear weapons, because he’s god right? I mean, god is god, he should not have to use nuclear weapons.  Captain Kirk, of the fabled Star ship Enterprise asked this question in the most horrible movie of the Star Trek series, “Where no man has gone before”. An entity, who was trapped on a planet, asked for the crew to move the ship closer, so he could use it to get off the planet. Kirk then asked the question, “Why does god need a star ship?”. So, “Why does god need a nuclear weapons?”  Anyway….

The United States, along with 5 other countries, have made an agreement with Iran, to slow the pace of Iran being able to enrich plutonium, a key component of a nuclear weapon. There have been many political lines drawn around the deal. Let’s go through a few so we can be on the same page.

The Republican party put their spin on it even before being able to look at the agreement. I hate the current state of the Republican party, because they offer no clear alternative to what the Democrats present, especially their Presidential option.  And, to further exasperate the the Republican position, their party is in disarray. Ask them why they oppose almost everything from our current President, they will wrap themselves up in political speak to hide their true nature of their opposition. Now I’m not going to go into it, Iv’e blogged about it before ( ), so you can check it out when you can but it’s quite simple: He’s black. Now, if you have any sense of humor, or if you know me, you will probably half chuckle on that statement, but the only way they would go along with anything he says or does is if he would take a big gulp of the Republican Kool-Aid, ah-la, Dr. Ben Carson, and start saying outlandish things to shed ones blackness so they could feel more comfortable with him. “I liken ObamaCare to Slavery”, “When you go to jail you come out gay”, “If the Jews had guns in Germany, the holocaust may not have happened”. I have no problem with a political party anyone has chosen, but Carson has proved to be the most stupid, brain-dead, idiotic wonder that I have ever fallen asleep on while he answers a question to state his position on anything, and the man’s a freakin’ brain surgeon! I’m usually angry by the third word coming out of his mouth, before I fall asleep on his meaningless rhetoric…He’s second in the polls of the Republican nomination for president…. Which lets me know the Republican’s are not interested in my vote…. Or running the country.
OK so now that we’ve gotten over the “He’s black thing”, the Iranian nuclear  agreement was hammered out with several nations, with the United States being one of them. Now they could have tried to wrap up all of Iran’s nefarious activities all in one in, that is, stop enriching plutonium, stop supporting terrorist activities in countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Gaza strip, and  Lebanon,  stop your undermining of the Iraq government, stop your support of Syria, stop developing mid-range missile systems, etc…(a lot of stops, I know…) but, the deal would have fallen apart. Why? Because the Mullah’s have control of the country, and have spun a web of anti-American propaganda to keep themselves in power through religious ideology, reminding their constitutes  of American treachery of overthrowing their government ( which is true by the way) in 1953,  crippling sanctions that has been in place in their country since 1979, support of Saddam Hussein during a bloody eight year war, arms for hostages while supporting an illegal war in El Salvador, etc.  Now if you want regime change in Iran, be careful what you might wish for. You could even end up with a bigger Iraq or Syria. The real way for change in a country like that is the slow and steady mitigation of sanctions, that will open their doors for Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and MacDonald’s, our true secret weapons. Once you get them hooked on Wal-Mart and eating MacDonald’s fries and burgers , you got them! I can’t wait to travel there and purchase some Starbucks and Chipotle, yum!
The hammer in the Middle east doesn’t work, haven’t we figured that out yet? They would rather die by the sword than capitulate to our Western Christian Value system, it’s too fair and equitable, right? This was the same system that supported slavery, Jim Crow, second class citizenship, the rounding up of Japanese in WWII, the KKK, and The Black panthers…. Oops sorry, got my militancy groups mixed up, but you get the picture.
If you want a better look at the Middle East, you’re going to have to do some research, as to the factions in the Muslim faith, colonialism, the Ottoman Empire, World war I, and the subsequent lines drawn after the Ottoman Empire fell apart, and a region that was divided up by England and France along economic lines, not ethnic or tribal. Lawrence of Arabia had gotten it right.
One of my main issues of “the deal” is the opposition to it before it was even read. As much as I like the Israeli prime minister, I did not like the fact that he came to the United States Congress, and lobbied them. Part of this lobbying was for his own benefit, he was in a heated race for reaction of prime minister again.  Even before this, the Republican came out, one after the other denouncing the deal before it was ever put in place. The framework of it wasn’t even accepted.
Now, I want to point specifically to Marco Rubio, whom I think is the only true candidate in the Republican party as to why they think the deal should not go through. He specifically points to continued pressure on Iran, and also tying the deal to Iran’s other nefarious activities in their region. Now, think about it, we already have sanctions, and they have not worked mainly because it isolates the Iranian people from the rest of the world, and the Mullah’s, along with their religious rhetoric, have seized the moment stating that, “Look at what the “west” is doing to us. As long as they can sell enough oil to pay off their constitutes, it keeps them in power, and keeps the radicals out, they are willing to sacrifice their country’s welfare, and their liberties.

Gone are the days of exclusion, it’s more about exclusion in order to reach the people of a nation. The main reason why the Middle East is in such a quagmire is because of the United States used blunt force, which usually leads to a vacuum of leadership. That leadership is usually taken up by those who are radical, or radical in the West’s eyes. Actually, they are experiencing post colonial withdrawals, so putrefied by the West exploiting their resources and causing so many problems by backing the wrong side of control of government in those countries that their version of the “religious right” takes over in the form of 9th century Islam. Or is that 7th century Islam…

Rubio’s path to a better Middle East is to continue sanctions against Iran, until they stop all of their nefarious activities in the Middle East as well as give up their nuclear ambition. That my friends is a failed approach to trying to obtain better relations with them, and with other players in the Middle East. Assad in Syria is a perfect example. You want to get rid of him, you think he’s bad, he and his country is aligned with the old Soviet Union, aka, Russia. A puppet, a player, and a proxy to a failed way the US and the former Soviet Union use to use leaders and exploit there country’s resources and geographical location and politics.

Now that there is a war in Syria, we see the same thing. An embattled leader. The US wanting to oust him. A radical group ready and willing to replace the vacuum of leadership and government. A Sovereign nation that is now being invaded by three different factions. Rebels, Russia, the United States. What we want is South Korea. We want Japan. We want Western Europe. And rightly so. We have seen the result of taking out radical leadership and replacing it with a western value system. But that is in a perfect world, where a people are so defeated they have no choice but to capitulate for their own good. Germany was in such bad shape after WWII that it was on rations for two years.

The humanitarian disaster in Syria and Iraq is the result of failed policies of war and the failed backing of leadership put into place after a declared victory. As I wrote a while back about Afghanistan (, an unwinnable war with no end in sight. We still have soldiers in Germany after WWII but the country has thrive. We still have soldiers in South Korea, and the country has thrived. We still have soldiers in Japan an the country has thrived, but those countries have used democracy as the driving force of their destiny, not religious dogma.Installing “your” version of a so called conquered nation in order to lead them to freedom doesn’t work. Neither does sending overwhelming power there to get them to surrender. They won’t, remember Vietnam?

So, now we have a nuclear capable Iran, which has agreed to curtail their nuclear ambitions for sanction relief. It’s either that, or bomb their military installations, bomb their nuclear facilities, destabilize their government, destroy there infrastructure, and create another humanitarian nightmare. That is our choice as a nation, and a responsible leader of this world. So, Rubio, and others who which to keep the tension up, sanctions up, bombings up, invasions up. Pretty soon you’re going to need some Viagra to keep all that up. Besides your domestic policies, don’t you see why there is a huge question as to what you’re going to get us into as president?
The Middle East has to solve its own problems, without any outside influence…

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