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I am a man…

iamamanYes, I said it, “I am a man”. Yep, 100% man. I don’t have a out of body experience, I don’t “feel” like I should be something else, I am a man. In fact, I’ve known it for quite some time. I’ve known that there are differences in the opposite sexes. I knew it intuitively, no one had to explain it. I knew that girls had longer hair. I knew they acted differently. I knew I wanted a major matt mason astronaut set, while my sister wanted Barbie.  My first girlfriend was Denise, and I asked her to marry me, at the age of 3. Straight to the point, no girlfriend stuff, I wanted to be her husband, and she was going to be my wife. And, it worked, for about a week. But, even after we broke up, I knew I was a man. In first grade, Renee use to steal my pencils from my desk. To stop her from doing it, I asked her to marry me. Of course she said yes, and one day when my mother picked me up from school, she whispered in my ear and said, “goodbye honey”, then kissed me. Renee didn’t turn out to be a serial pencil thief, she just wanted to have more pencils than me.  but she did grew up and became a beautiful woman. She knew who she was as well.

Now, however diplomatic I say this, I’m going to get flamed. Toasted, burned, criticized as being uncaring and not understanding what someone else is going through in their mind as well as body. I’m speaking to Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn. Vanity Fair posted a picture of the former person we called Bruce Jenner on their cover page. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to feel, I didn’t understand how a person whom I cheered on with national pride as he won the decathlon in the Montreal Olympics, breaking a world record in the process, became an overnight sports legend, commentator, model, celebrity, and Wheaties box champion, now has put himself in a category of “transgender”.

I struggled because I knew some of the story of what he did when he won the medal. 4 straight years of training, missing only one day, and was upset about that. So, here is a person, who won it all, and translated that win into a winning franchise for himself, which meant healthy paychecks and an enviable.

In his later years, his popularity dwindled, along with him marrying into a family that totally eclipsed all of fantastic things he accomplished in an earlier life. Bruce Jenner had become marginalized. Could it have possibly been the fact that the show was being cancelled, and he felt isolated, even though his part was small?

I don’t want to criticize the decision that was made by him into her. But let me get this straight, would this be any kind of news if it just were a regular man putting on a dress and getting a boob job? Does wanting to wear a dress while having the equipment, and still having the desire to be with women change anything about being a man? Has our society become something that transcends sex, and gender?

Does anyone remember Renee Richards? Doctor, family man, who changed himself into a woman, and tried to compete in women’s professional tennis. Coming from a family of doctors, she was also a doctor, and transformed herself from male to female.  But Renee took it a step further, She actually had a sexual reassignment, fully transforming herself. Now, that took some courage in the era of 1975 when cross dressing was considered a perversion and a form of insanity. Dr. Renee Richards had a lot more to loose. Caitlyn, on the other hand has been met with mostly opened arms, the conservatives are extremely quiet on this, while the liberals celebrate her decision.

During that time period, Sport illustrated referred to Renee Richards with the following:

SI called Richards an “extraordinary spectacle”, and characterized reactions to her as “varying from astonishment to suspicion, sympathy, resentment, and more often than not, utter confusion.

Hmmmm, so do you think that much as changed since 1976? I fall into the last category, utter confusion. But the real thing is, money. Dr. Richards had money to complete the process. So did Bruce Jenner. For the countless other who feel like they are something different than how they were born, it is probably a much tougher road.

I could argue the points of true gender, hormone regiment, sex change operation, and what constitutes a true women. But I’m not. There are those who are going to accept this, accept this because it helps them be politically safe, those who are against it, those who can’t quite wrap their head around it, and those who have nothing to say on it. Well, I don’t fit into the last category anymore, I’ve said something. I guess I can’t get wrap my head around it. But I will say this, and a few of out there will get it….

On this matter, I’m Kunta, not Toby, and… I am a man…


Peace baby….


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