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A lesson for the surgeon from Detroit, and his name is Jimmy Carter…


When Jimmy Carter left office in 1980, he was a beaten man. The Iranian hostage crisis was one of many nails in his coffin. He lost the election to Ronald Reagan. Inflation was running ramped. The country was losing ground in the manufacturing sector to the Japanese, unemployment was high, gas prices through the roof, a failed hostage a rescue attempt… you get the picture. He did have one great moment during his tenure, a negotiated peace between EGYPT and Israel. His only option was to fade away, reminiscent of the famous speech by General MacArthur in his Farwell to the country in front of Congress.

But that my friends was the beginning of one of the greatest comeback in the 20th century. He may go down in history as one of the greatest humanitarians/statesmen in the world. He started habitat for humanity, a global organization to help those who can’t help themselves. He and his wife have been hands on in their venture, building homes, disaster relief, education, immunization, he has been a true humanitarian to the world. By the way, he still finds time to teach Sunday school in his church. So what you may ask can the “surgeon from Detroit” learn from.
If you didn’t know, Jimmy Carter was a submarine captain. Governor of the state of Georgia, school board member, husband, father, a pillar in the community. Jimmy Carter had fallen from a very high branch, yet his true gift is his humbleness, and giving to others. Carter fell back into his calling and wrote a script that few can follow. But here is where the “surgeon from Detroit” can find his second true calling.

With much fanfare, I guess, he announced his candidacy at Music Hall in Detroit. Then he visited the high school of his namesake. He even attended a prayer breakfast at the Charles Wright Museum (the largest African American museum in the United States). He used many key words of leadership, taking back our country, all familiar bombastic rhetoric of Republican speak. Interesting at most, and hollow at best. The “surgeon from Detroit” is a willing proxy for the Republican party’s answer to the intellectual giant who is currently residing in the White House. Yes that’s right, the Kenyan anti-colonialist. The good doctor is a willing party to another huge blunder the Republicans made; putting Sarah Palin on the ticket. But before I get sidetracked, let’s look at what the “surgeon from Detroit “ has done, and why he thinks he will be good for America.


He loves to tell his story, a kid, fatherless, poor, mother with a third grade education, from mean streets of Detroit, makes it out of the ‘getto’ (I’m getting a little tired of all this getto talk about Detroit) and becomes one of the foremost neurosurgeons in the country. “You have to think big” he says. When he announced his candidacy, he also spoke to children about being responsible. Baltimore, his second home, a place where he made his fame and glory, he was quiet, very quiet, deafening quiet. Where was his call for calmness and thinking big then? Where was the “doctor from Detroit” reminding those who he shared a city with, to protest peacefully, and remember the value of constraint while expressing your constitutional right. Remember the cause for justice? Remember the victim’s family that pled for peace to remember their son by? Where was your voice added to theirs for peace? Do you know where he was? He was listening to his pollsters telling him, ”you’ll be characterized as an elitist, they will drown your speech out, they may even throw rocks at you. Not a good idea “The surgeon from Detroit”. Don’t play onto the Democrats hands, feeling sorry for the poor and disenfranchised, you know, those poor black folks.


The good doctor has never won or has been elected for office. He has not served in any capacity in civilian or military service, yet he boldly says “Don’t be tied to any political party or person, use your mind when voting!” Now that is a profound statement coming from a neurosurgeon saying, “Use your mind”. Now I’m not saying the “Surgeon from Detroit” has not done any humanitarian acts. I’m sure he’s done some wonderful things in his various positions at John Hopkins, I’m sure he’s given bountifully to his church. But the Presidency of our great nation bears better witness then a brain surgeon with, so called big ideas with the foundation of sand. When I hear words formed from his mouth comparing the affordable care act, to slavery, and that the solution to the healthcare issue is starting a healthcare account for you the day you were born, without explaining how the account is to be funded, I’m not sure I’m seeing the thinking big concept. Slavery… why such a bombastic comparison, considering you’re only four generations from the original form of slavery in this country.

A better model for the great doctor to follow is to find a cause, and I recommend education for him to set a focal point on. It hits home on a lot of issues he can hit home runs on, such as proper nutrition, public, private, and charter school education, alternative education, and proper funding for them. It speaks to science and math education, things he can speak to from a personal achievement. He can “think big” on making advanced education more affordable.

As of right now, you would be in a very precarious position to run for President. You would have to appoint people with strong experience in public policy, finance, global policy, to which you have zero experience in, which would risk the country falling back into a war footing, using the United States foreign policy as a Blount instrument, will little room for real diplomacy. Do you really have a true idea what hour party consists of? I’m not sure if you do. By attaching yourself for better education for everyone, it resonates and elevates everyone. It transcends religion and allows for everyone to agree on something that does not strip them of their political dignity. It breaks down barriers and makes you look like a genius. Imagine that, a brain surgeon that’s also considered a genius. Think big BEN….

The United States is tired of intellect in the office of the Presidency. Especially from a black man. Your big ideas will be taken apart and dismantled in the primaries. But unlike Jimmy Carter, you’ll fade away, similar to General McArthur, or perhaps even worse, Herman Cain….

Think big…




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