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Ain’t Nuttin’ wrong with a Dictator


Ain’t nuttin’ wrong witta dictator…
I ran the gambit, loaded to bare…
to cheering crowds takin’ lives and money to spare..

I got America as my back, and China in my pocket, runnin’ proxy wars ala carte..
Hitler and Stalin was stupid, they just wanted to kill, but I kill and make money still, slingin’ drugs to my sponsor,
runnin’ weapons to my neighbor, Payin’ off the warloards, gettin’ paid, and gettin laid…

Human right? human right? what the heck you mean? all I do is run weapons, sell drugs and get mo money, so a few people die, that ain’t no shame, gotta keep them in line so I don’t hit the pine…

I keep all these sets intact, they don’t fight amongst themselves, too afraid of big papi, I got my spies on ’em all the time, But don’t get me wrong they will kill me in a minute, So I pay ’em off, keep enough of ’em happy, and lay down the law wit-out any flaw…

I use to fight proxy wars for ideology, now when I fight them I’d better have a commodity…
Oil, gold, diamonds, trees, opium, weed, cocoa ya see, my sponsor want his money and he wants it now
forget havin’ him over to dinner and cuttin up the fat cow…

Now my sponsor is mad, sayin i’m too big for my britches, saying I got to many hoes and bitches,
What? you mad at me for takin too much for myself, have you forgotten? I’m a dictator ya see and I’m fucked up and rotten…

I do what I do cause I got the biggest gun, biggest cock, biggest palace, biggest glock, I ain’t got no malice,
I got glocks, AK’s, mortars and bombs, secret police for my eyes and ears gettin’ paid like Gotti, only I’m bigger and deafer..
You see you made me that way, ’cause I said OK, I’ll help fight your little proxy wars, settin your own agenda, your agenda you see, for oil, for resources, for all the thing that your fat greedy ass likes, while
you sit back raisin’ money on our moral immorality… Always remember, Ain’t nuttin’ wrong witta dictator…

So now you tired of me, you say you want democracy, I’ll run and hid and finally say farewell, but always remember, democracy has to be fought for, died for, and not hiding behind a black sheet over my head and yellin’ praise be to Allah and jack up a religion and waitin’ to die for all those virgins…

fuck dat I want them now!

Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with a dictator…


One comment on “Ain’t Nuttin’ wrong with a Dictator

  1. thinkofone
    April 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on Thinkofone's Blog and commented:

    Just thought the spoken word may have more impact…

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