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Superman has gone home…


Superman, the fictional character from krypton, the man of steel, who was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive,  able to leap tall building in a single bound, and mistaken for a bird or a plane.
Every family has a superman, and, unfortunately, my family’s superman has gone home. George Hudson, AKA Superman, valued husband, father, businessman, relative, serve at SAC command, was an Air Marshall, retired several times only to come out and teach, run a business, and, be George Hudson.
When he talked, he taught, all of the time. When he spoke you had to listen, otherwise you’d miss something, some antidote, some morsel of knowledge, a metaphor, something that you may not understand, but would get it later on, if you were smart enough.  He spoke three languages fluently, world traveler, a great and caring father, and, a little over whelming as well. You see, you had to keep up with him, because he was always ready or getting ready to do something.
” Get up out of the bed, and let go of that pillow, you have work to do”, he would say.
“Don’t fatten the frog for the snake to eat”, was another line.
“Send your kid to me, I’ll knock that ADD right out of him”, he made it plain.
He had so many, I can remember all of them, but at the funeral, it was a joy to hear…again.
George Hudson, gone before his time, but, his legacy will live on forever.
George Osborn Hudson, AKA Superman, Bad ass, the real MFM has gone home…

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