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99. Yes, that’s right, 99 blogs. Actually, I have written even more, but, the old yahoo blog site was taken down before I could get them and repost them. Wow, those were some pretty good blogs as well. I guess I can look back on my writing and see the frame of mind I was in, and at times, what the world was in. I’ve focused upon current events, sports, religion, politics, music, life experiences, science, and anything else that would motivate me to write something about.

At one time in human history, scribes would write the tales or stories of whomever it was important about, great battles, bad weather, curses, over bloated kings, bountiful crops, the gods blessing them, or any other lie that could come up with to justify themselves.

As man began to get smarter, writing was looked upon almost as an art form, both in story as well as the writing itself. Today’s rock stars of the media world owe their persona to those who wrote, both of good and the bad. But, in some ways, good and bad, right and wrong, evil vs good, is all up to a point of view at times. As the old saying goes if I may paraphrase, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. But the cool thing about today’s world is, anyone can add commentary or blog if they want to.

I admit, at times, it can get very salty. People have free range to say what they want, and as you probably know, they say it. Depending upon the subject matter, it can be a good thing, but in other things, restraint is a necessary evil, or truth. Part of some of the topics I blog about you may or may not agree with, but, EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion in this country. I try my best to blog with the utmost respect for most, if not all.

I also read many blogs, and at times, I find tremendous insight, some funny, some extreme, and all of them very interesting. I have cultivated a small following, leaving complimentary comments such as, “that was the funniest thing I read so far this year”, to which makes me smile as well, I love amusing people with my satire.

So, I blog on, with grit, enthusiasm, fun, and partially to entertain myself, if not you, if you’ve been reading. If you want, give me some topics you’d like me to write about, Let me know my friends…

Peace baby…


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