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So much for the post racial world..


Ferguson, New York, you name the spot, wherever there seems to be a large contingent of Black Americans, or people of color, there seems to be a large number of racial confrontations. Some are just harassment, some are pull overs, some are arrest for minor crimes, and some end up in deaths. In fact, in the Trayvon Martin case, it doesn’t even have to be a police officer, just a “citizen” confronting another unarmed citizen with it ending in the death of him. Now, I’m going to explain to you what this is, and you’re not going to get the connection at first or if at all, but, it’s because of President Obama.


Yep, I said it, President Obama. It’s not by his doing, but by his effect. You see, he’s 30 to 40 years ahead of what we are capable to comprehending, or, accepting. When people of power, and I’m speaking about congressmen, senators, governors, businessmen, and other people who are in the lexicon of power, don’t respect the President, the real “trickle down effect” takes place: a disregard of ordinary people of color. “Kenyan anti-colonialist, not a true citizen, birth certificate,  liar, communist/fascist/socialist(get a load of that combination), wants to take away your rights to own a weapon, ObamaCare, Benghazi, the economy, unemployment, congressional stalemate, midterm elections, wife’s butt too big, illegal aliens, poor leadership,  light skinned and speaks well, daughters dressing like sluts,  etc.. This is just the tip of the iceberg of a very long list of things that this current President has had to endure under his tenure.


All the while people are saying that “Hey, we elected a Black President”, there is no racial discrimination no more!” But there is a huge backlash from all of this. Racial lines, blurred and worn down over the years have now reared their ugly head. From the country bumpkin to the well educated, racial discrimination and lack of racial equality in education and income have fallen. Public schools are continually failing in communities dominated by the black population in the United States, while drugs, continue to flourish in these same areas.


So Ferguson and New York and other countless law enforcement encounters are just a result of living in a post racial world. It’s a return to what was pre-1964 behavior towards blacks, second class citizenship. All viewed as one monolith group. Dangerous. Angry. Less of a human being and not deserving of the same rights as others in this Constitutional Republic. And, it’s all because “He’s Black”.


Now, I hardly ever give Charles Barkley the time of day, mainly because he is a stupid blowhole who has never won anything. I’m sorry, when did the school ( Auburn ) I believe you attended integrate? 1964, one ear AFTER you were born. Anyway, the assumption of the grand jury being right in Ferguson in your opinion is just that, your opinion. You don’t need to draw attention to yourself because of it. Keep that to yourself, and stay with what you know: a basketball analyst, and Las Vegas loser. Saying those neighborhoods would be the wild wild west if it weren’t for the police is wrong as well. I will say one thing that stops or mitigates all of this, and it’s called  “community policing”. Treating a neighborhood like a occupying enforcement creates resentment. If the police have monthly community service meetings, visit schools and give safety classes, there face and presence in the community will not be considered a threat. You job is to “Protect and serve”, not “Control and occupy”.


Finally, about the rioting afterwards. It doesn’t work. It takes away from the attention of the real issue. I’ve live through one, Detroit, 1967, my father owned a grocery store on BroadStreet and Elmhurst. Didn’t get burned down but I saw many businesses that did. I was 6 years old at the time and remember it well. I also remember rioting in other cities after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed just one year later. That didn’t serve any purpose, although, I understand because of the violent nature of his death as well as all the peaceful marches he organized, the anger of his death overwhelmed people. Watts, 1965 which again was a very bad riot, but for all the wrong reasons. Newark New Jersey was another 1965 riot.  The Rodney King verdict, a very, very bad riot that was wrong, especially when for many it was a grab for merchandise and not a peaceful demonstration. Whenever things like this happen, one must be mindful of what is going to be left in the area affected, and remember, you will probably be living there, with no stores or businesses to support the community. That creates an economic spiraling down of a neighborhood, to which crime and drugs move in.



I said all that to say, most riot areas never recover, and change the economic dynamics in an area forever. 12th street in Detroit never recovered, even though it was renamed Rosa parks Blvd., and a shopping center was built there. That was the worst grocery store on the planet, I lived not too far from it for a while and I never shopped there. My favorite line was, “You can get in there and shop, but, you can never get out”. Long lines, two few cashiers, and poor customer service.



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