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The case for American leadership…

The 20th century is often referred to as the American century. This is not hard to see, given the impact on both industrial, financial, economic, social, and conflicts that America had an influence on. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam, The National Parks system, the industrial revolution, Wall Street, the automotive industry, airplanes, the national freeway system, the social safety net,  WWI, WWII, the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, leadership in science and industry, the PC revolution, Silicon Valley, Tennessee Valley Authority, The grand Coulee Dam, the Alaskan pipeline, the list could go on, but you get the picture.
Now, lately, Republican politicians can be right about American Leadership, even for the wrong reasons. Their latest rhetoric that they have been rallying around is our President’s suppose lack of leadership. Time and time again, on every political talk show, they start their sentence by stating a narrative of how the President is not leading. I’m really starting to think there is a secret manual out there written by Herman Gerbils, and it’s required reading for every tea party and Republican, either in office or running for office. In fact, their blocking techniques in the last six years in congress will probably be a new playbook for politicians to follow in the future, regardless on who is in power.
Newt Gingrich was correct when he became the leader of the house in 1994 when he publically stated that, “I don’t want to be President, the real power in Washington is Speaker of the House”. True or not true, He created a new type of leadership in Congress, one that was not willing to cut deals across the isle with their Democratic counterparts. In essence, he help start the era of blocking the majority through filibuster, at the same time, proclaiming draconian cuts to social, state and urban programs, while at the same time the majority and or the President, is not leading the country to prosperity.
That’s why it’s so easy for “them” to blame the President for not fixing the BP pipe spill in the Gulf, the Syrian crisis, ISIS, Iraq, Afghanistan ( I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of saying that country’s name), the economy,  the keystone pipeline, China, Putin, Crimea, Benghazi, Ebola, etc…
Now, let me take you back to 1969. I had a third grade teacher by the name of Ms. Gethiel. She had just gotten married, and honeymooned in Europe. When she came back, she put together a wonderful slide show, of all the things she saw while there. Paris, Germany, Irelands, Britain, Italy, but one of the most striking pictures she took was of Belgium. Now she was a fantastic teacher, showing us on a map of Europe were exactly she was while taking these picture. The pictures of Belgium were of damage from WWII, which had still not been repaired yet. She gave us some history of Belgium first, their language, culture, etc. She even spoke to it, saying, “This is something they have not yet finished repairing from a world war that happened over 20 years ago”. Not bad exposure for a third grader.
I’ve always remembered that statement, and with my interest of historical information, I’ve been able to form my own conclusions from historical facts and, how they apply to “us” now. The United State was at first, a reluctant leader of what was characterized as the “free world”. In fact, before WWI, power was measured by standing military armies and navies. The majority of the country was fine with being isolationists, until several key events changed that. One was an intercept that a deal between German and Mexico that the Germans would help Mexico get back the lands it lost to American expansionism. The other was the bombing of Pearl harbor.  It wasn’t until the United State’s entry into WWI that caused it to end and help sweep all the old aristocracy’s  away. After each of the World Wars, countries were destitute, and if it weren’t for the United States leadership ( NATO, lend lease, the Korean Police action, the Cold War etc. ), the world would more than likely be a very different place. WWII was even more dramatic. The European countries were almost all broke, bombed and destitute, unable to feed their own people. It was America who help feed Europe and helped it get back on it’s economic feet.
So now we are at a cross road. Do we lead from behind when the Allies went into Libya? Sadly, no. Not any more. President Obama even said this himself when he stated in a recent speech, “When something happens around the world, who do you call, Russia, China?”. He’s right, the United States is the guy on the white horse to come to the rescue. But unfortunately we live in a media rich environment, one that supposedly is transparent, so transparent we are telling ISIS that we are going to start bombing them. The only trap he may need to avoid it to be too militaristic, to show too much power because he’s been hearing too much rhetoric about his lack of leadership. If only the Republicans would show true leadership, allowing the President to do what’s right for the country, instead of ingratiating the political money that’s behind them.
Finally, true leadership comes when you can look past someone’s color, and get down to the business of what America is really about, leading the free world…

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