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Those guys in the funny black suits….



Hello ISIS or ISIL, or whatever you prefer. I’m now supposed to be scared of you. The news media tells me I should be afraid. You’ve cut off heads of defenseless reporters, so I’m really scared at night, or when I walk the sands of the earth, trying to find myself, I now have to look over my shoulder, waiting for you to jump me in a funny looking black suit, or sheet, put an orange jumps suit on me, then force me to speak to my family, friends, and the President before you behead me while speaking to me into a camera with a British accent. In fact, you remind me of a Three Stooges skit, where they are in a palace, and a palace guard, who is big, fat, and black has a huge sword wearing a turban saying, “I’ll kill you!” before they stuff fruit down his throat.

The Black Hand. Black Death, the Axis of Evil, The evil empire, Khorasan, Al Qaeda the Central Axis, the KKK, the KGB, and the CIA you know… I’m a little tired of all of these names that keep me up at night, how about something a little more light hearted, I know, “Those guys in the fully black suits”. Good Lord, I’m I suppose to be scared of you? I’m not sure about that, when I was a kid, it used to be a mind field of dogs who would chase you, nipping at your butt while trying to get to the next block. Trust me, there was nothing like the black dog name spade, who was foaming at the mouth, snipping at your butt while you jumped on a car, trying to get away from him. That was some heart pounding shit dude, trust me. Or, how about being on a city bus, and a bunch of Errol Flynn’s or BK’s ( Black Killers ) wearing Borsalino hats and studded window pane glasses who were peddling heroin back in the day in Detroit, got on board.

So now, you’re beheading people, similar to hanging black people back in the day, or shooting unarmed black teenagers in St. Louis a few months, or Treyvon walking back to his stepmom’s house, but doing it on a world stage. So, do you really think I’m scared of you? I’m more likely to be killed by a police officer on a minor traffic stop then be worried about you my man.  Heck, I’m more afraid of a bunch of white guys dressed in 1,500 dollar Armani suits walking down Wall Street than of you. They’ll let me live, but take and hoard all of my money with derivatives and hedge fund schemes.

So, President Obama has given you guys a new name, which is, ISIL, and took the bandwagon to the United Nations to rally the Arab world and the rest of us to squish the bug. You know, the thing you tell your kid when they are swinging a bat, to squish the bug, or turn your back foot as you swing at that preverbal fast ball that is so hard to hit. Now I give him credit, he went to the UN himself, instead of what President Bush did, who sheepishly used Colin Powell to sell the world that Saddam was running around in trucks reconstituting his weapons of mass destruction program. Only Colin could make it believable as he raised a symbolic vial of anthrax. So off we went, invading a sovereign nation in the name of chemical and nuclear weapons, then to get rid of a tyrant, then to free the Iraqi people, then to… OK get it real George and Dick, secure Mid-East oil, which is becoming the real Black Plague.

So, now we are back in Iraq once more, to clean up a mess that started almost 100 years ago. Yep, that’s right, you got it, good ole’ WWI, the war to end all wars, that last Great War to ride out on a horse and get slaughtered by machine gun, artillery, and succumbed to a messy trench warfare that ended in a stalemate and an ugly blame of the German empire which did nothing but loaded up for WWII. In the end, those wonderful Ottoman’s lost their loose grip on a 400 year old empire, and the Brits and French came in to carve up a new Middle east, all for the sake of economic advantages and disregarding ethnic boundaries. The Brits knew of Iraqi oil back then. This is last great vestiges of colonialism gone badly. This will take a long time to clean up, if it’s even humanly possible. Oh, let’s go into Syria as well, that Arab spring has really got these old Arab dictatorships crumbling at our feet…Which we help setup by the way.

What we all really need is a real timeout. I mean like a spiritual one because similar to sports, everyone is proclaiming God in on their side from scoring touchdowns, hitting baseball, shooting hoops, finding a new you, and killing for resources. President Obama mention the misuse of Islam as a reason why ISIL and other groups have garnered devoted followers. But what I can’t understand is why God is standing on the sideline of all of this. If Islam is such a religion of peace, then why is their God allowing his religion to be used in a way that basically bares both boys and girls in a struggle that does not allow them any hope of having a life outside of fighting, violence, war, suffering, and death, all while praising Allah. What does God have to do with a woman pushing a baby carriage down a street covered in black from head to toe with an aka-47 slung on her shoulder? If the God of all Christians ( who is my God as well ), allow them to be gripped in another battle of resources, war, pain, suffering, and finger pointing all for perceived safety and stoked by politicians who are controlled by multinational corporations for their goals of greed, money and power, then perhaps all of us are following the wrong God.

And please, don’t tell me all of these thing have to come to pass before the Jesus comes back to save the day. If that’s the case, God should have come a long time ago. According to the Bible, God created the whole universe by saying, “let there be light”. We now know the vastness of the universe, both big and small, from the sub atomic level all the way to the solar system, interstellar neighborhood, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Galactic group, Virgo Supercluster, Local Supercluster, and finally, the observable universe. We’re talking about 100 billion galaxies folks, containing billions upon billions of stars.
And here we are, top of the food chain, killing each other for scant resources on an overcrowded planet of 7 billion people, waiting for someone to come and take us away from this place in a universe so big that we all could have our own planet, yet, we’d still find a way to kill ourselves. We are acting like amoebas, waiting to feed upon its next meal. No wonder “God” has not saved us yet, none of us are worthy….

The next time a naked woman offers me a piece of fruit, I know what I’m going to do….


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