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The 70 / 30 rule…

This isn’t about the Atlanta cheerleaders. It’s about the number of black cheerleaders who are on the team right? Wrong…
In the wake of another NBA owner Bruce Levenson making accusation about the demographics of who is coming to the games, there seems to be a disconnect as to what he was really saying. Many years ago, Eddie Murphy, when he was a rising star on Saturday Night Live, did a skit, with him posing as a black guy posing as a white person in the “real world”. In it, things that he would normally pay for was free, including bus rides, purchasing of product, etc. It was a world that was quietly maintained without black people knowing it existed. It was kept on the “down low”, or otherwise, not talked about in public. Champagne parties were held on buses when the last black person left the bus. It was basically an extreme on the reality of the world BACK THEN. Well that “back then” was 1980.
Now, fast forward to “Now”, 2014, and this owner, speaking to his own, talks about what’s missing, in their constituency who attend games, which is more white people. Now the term white people can be used more generically now, it really means everything that is not black. Black scares people, and they don’t have the numbers( disposable income) to support his team, even though the majority of the players on his team are black. Changing the music they play, and making it more comfortable for the 40 and up crowd is what they need to do. Southern whites are just not comfortable of being a minority in a bar or in the arena. “Hey, why don’t we also get some more white cheerleaders in here”, Levenson continues. Even that damn “Kiss Cam” is too black.
Now these comments were sent out to the executive team of the Atlanta Hawks, which in the black world, is the new “Chocolate City”. Well ladies and gentlemen, coming from a black man(me), he’s just applying the 70/30 rules that has dominated our society since civil rights passage in 1964. You know, that unspoken 70/30 rule. Let me give you just a few examples.
Back in the early 90’s, I would hang out at the Palms Theatre in Detroit, which would host Reggie Sun splash on Friday nights for the grand total of 3 dollars, which would amount to a very nice cheap date, with some very good music of several Reggie bands doing their thing on stage. Now, when I would go, the crowd was predominately white, like a 90/10 split to which I was surprised since the bands were Reggae/Black. Well, I let my crew know, and we began to go party down there as well, and soon, the demographics changed. Now, I’m not saying I changed the demographics, but, it did change once the word got out that there was Reggie music on the cheap, along with reasonably priced beer and other drinks.
I skipped going for a while, but when I started going again, the “demographics” changed dramatically. The tipping point was getting close, and after a few weeks, the crowd was more than 30 percent black. A huge no-no for management to deal with. Once it reached close to 50 percent, the white crowd diminished and soon, Reggae Sun Splash was no more, closed down and  relegated to the annals of history of places in Detroit that started out white, then black, then close. Another place this happened at was a bar that was a former bank, which was called the Vault. Started out predominately white, then slowly approached the 70/30 tipping point, then beyond that, then closed. A pattern that repeated itself over and over again, in shopping malls, music venues, housing, the work place, etc…
Now, the reason why Levenson self reported this is because of Mr. Sterling, the former Sacramento Kings owner has hired a private investigator in his attempt to reveal  other owners who have also used inappropriate language to describe how whites need to make a more comfortable environment, without black people screwing it all up ( except when you’re singing and dancing on stage, on the field, or on the court for them).
Now you can argue about the Atlanta market being a transplant market as well, to which has some merit. When I lived there, I noticed one thing, no one was from Atlanta. They were from everywhere else, including the Detroit area. In fact, at least 4 people who lived on my street at the time were from Michigan. A chain bar called Stadium Bar, hosted NFL games from everywhere, set up like a big box and displayed every game in the NFL. People from every region of the country were there, in their team jerseys, cheering for their hometown or team, which was not the Atlanta Falcons.
So is it fear that is keeping people from Hawks games? Or, is it location, distance to drive, congestion, parking, and competition of so many other things to do in Atlanta. Perhaps that demographic that has that disposable income you’re searching for is more into world cup soccer and cricket than basketball.
OK so let’s do some numbers
Hawks average ticket price: 97.28 x 4 = 389.00
Parking  10.00
popcorn/pop 20.00
hot dogs 5×4 = 25.00
Hawks youth Jersey = 54.00 x 2 108.00
Grand total = 552.12
Now that’s for one game. I don’t know about you, but, that’s a lot of money. Now you are not going to buy jersey’s every game, but, OK 450.00 How many times are you going to do that in a season? And now that I know I’m not in his preferred demographic, I would probably not ever go to another Hawk game again. But, that’s just me. Oh I forgot, a pair of Air Jordan’s as well, at 150.00. Darn those black people…
Peace Mickey Fickey…..

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