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It’s time to send them a real message…


Before I start, I want to send my condolences to the family and friends of James Foley. His courage was remarkable, going into war zones to deliver a rarity these days, which is objective reporting. He is part of a global network of reporters who put themselves in harm’s way to deliver news and information, at the risk of their lives. Too many times, we are constantly bombarded with news that is either tainted with an agenda, be it conservative or liberal, or part of some think tank that is funded by people who have an agenda to sway public opinion, and garner votes. Also, I will not use an image of him and executioner in order to gain any kind favorable hits on my blog, but rather, the instrument of his death.

But this execution, for whatever reason, resonated with me. There was James Foley, on his knees in an orange jump suit, hands tied behind his back, in front of a camera, on some desolate piece of land in either Syria or Iraq. He was forced to say a speech, his last words, and you could tell of his angst as spoke, pressured into saying things to his government, and family he would never freely speak.

He didn’t look beaten, but, who knows what they said or did to him to make him read as he looked into the camera. I asked myself the question, “Would I say what they want me to say knowing they will kill me after I finish reading it?” Perhaps they lied to him, telling him to sound convincing, and that they would not hurt him as long as he cooperated. Perhaps he followed protocol when captured, “Tell your captives everything, gain their sympathy, and ultimately, they will negotiate through back channels in order to gain your freedom. Perhaps the U.S. military will come in to rescue (they actually tried, but were not able to locate them).

So there he was, thousands of miles away from a life he once knew, in the hands of militants who were going to use his gruesome death as a tool to send a message, scripted out in a video, starting with a clip of President Obama’s speech about targeted bombings against ISIS,then with a lecture of a terrorist in black clothing, a knife in his hand, speaking in English, captioned in Arabic, and a menacing feeling of what was about to happen.

During 9/11, a good friend of mine called me and said one thing, “Tactical Nuclear bomb”. In my angered state, I agreed, but then said, “So who do you bomb?” He then responded, it doesn’t matter they need to be sent a message.

We are reminded on a daily bases, and since WWII that civilian deaths are part of the equation of war and retaliation of an act of aggression. You can see it very plainly in the conflict in Gaza, where Israel, with overwhelming power, has tried to target specific areas in Gaza in order to send their message of resolve. Civilians, always in the name of “women and children”, are ultimately part of the equation. The same goes for Syria. The war there has caused many people, perhaps millions, to be displaced, refugees along the Turkish border, while ISIS and forces of the Syrian government fights for ultimate control of the country, and perhaps, parts of the region. The ISIS threat has grown in result of a power vacuum, U. S. troops left, Iraq forces could not fill the gap of security left behind, and ISIS took charge in areas to expand their influence outside of Syria.

Too easy of an assessment to a long standing problem that existed since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and the carving up of lands by the British afterwards. Amazingly, Turkey was “offered” to the United States, but it declined. We are still dealing with the last vestiges of colonialism. Those damn Europeans…

The real problem I have for this is outrage. There should have been swift condemnation from the United Nations ( maybe there was but I didn’t see it ), from NATO, the G8, the OAS ( Organization of American States, you probably didn’t think I knew that), China, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, all African Nations, all of South America, Australia, what the heck, let’s throw in Antarctica in there as well. But there also should be outrage in what is happening in the Eastern Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, hmmm, there seems to be a lot of conflicts around the world (And it’s Obama’s fault.. Right??!!).

Neil Degrasse Tyson put it very eloquently when he said, “If aliens exist, we are probably so low on the evolutionary scale they would have no interest in us”. Now that is the truth. WWIII would have come and gone if it were not for the nuclear bomb, which is also a hair trigger away from being used. Yet, we still battle over resources and have not found a way to peacefully exploit minerals and oil for the betterment of mankind as a whole, without adhering to a political and military agenda. So instead of the blessing of finding oil or minerals in your country, it’s a curse. Only to be exploited by the rich in a modern day Feudal system. Of what use is a King in Saudi Arabia? Or a dictator in Syria? Do you see what I’m getting at?

OK so I’ve once again, gotten off target, giving you a history lesson as my good friend has told me, instead of writing my message. And my message is simple:

“I’m tired of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and whatever else that pops up to replace them. They only understand one thing, and eye for an eye”. Let’s end our special relationship that started all this crap with that fatal meeting with FDR and the King of Arabia, in 1945. It’s time to pull the wraps off of alternative energy, and end our expedition into the Middle East. Taking the gloves off doesn’t mean we have to go fight them, because that’s what they want us to do. They want us to get outraged and angry, and go into their backyard, and bleed us slowly. Let’s not fall into that trap… again. Let them fight, and 100 years from now, when they settle their differences and are tired of fighting and killing each other, can enter the 22nd century with the rest of us infidels.


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