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On the other side of a weapon – Part 3


Guns. We all have them, that is all nations. We have them in many different forms as well. Pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, light infantry weapons, SAWs, M60’s, LAWs, M14s, M16s, AR16s, and the infamous AK47. The there are the tanks, warplanes, submarines, naval ships, missiles, SAMs, AAMs, AGMs, tactical nukes, ICBMs, I think you get it. But it all starts with guns.

Now I’m not going to give you a history of guns, a close colleague  says I write documentaries instead of a blog so I’m not going to give you my vast knowledge of guns. But, I am going to give relevance of what just happened recently in Russia, and what is going on around the world when it comes to weapons.

I once met Gorbechev, the former leader of the Soviet Union outside of a restaurant in Atlanta. Not to go to any detail, just before he got into his car, I yelled out to him, “Michael!, Michael!”, smiling and waving to him as if we were old friends. He paused,  waved back with a confused look on his face before entering his limo. Now my friend Allison whom I just had dinner with said, “You are crazy”,  and I said, “Hey, at one time he was one of the most powerful men in the world”. I had to mess with him, he’s probably saying in to himself as he was getting in the car, “Where to I know that black guy from?”.

The point was, he was one of the most powerful men in the world, with the ability to destroy half of it with a simple order. Sobering thought to say the least, and now we are seeing some of the same things that pushed the world to the brink of world war and possible inhalation once again with the same “powers” selling arms around the world.

Putin, who now dictates or governs over Russia, depending how you look at it, invites the newly “elected” Egyptian leader.  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is his name, came to power in a popular coup ( Now I’m not quite understanding this, Mohomed Morsi was actually elected, but, you’re not suppose to pull a coup in a democratically elected state, you’re suppose to vote him out of office…but anyway) and was recently invited to Russia by Putin. Now, as Sisi gets off the plane, he was displayed a number of military weapons while walking to an awaiting limo. Putin has no shame, he blatantly offers military hardware right off the plane before going to their Russian Villa, who know what was offered behind closed doors.

My point? Weapons. The United States and Russia are in a post cold war military arms race, driven by money and political alliances. I read a report recently that if the same amount of money was invested into education, there would be a four fold increase in jobs and opportunity that the military industrial complex can offer. That’s an amazing stat. If you notice, Africa is going to be the next focus in the near future. Africa is due for a population explosion, accounting for 40% of all humans on the planet in the next 20-40 years. That’s a huge number. About time the rest of the world started catching up to the Chinese and East Indians, they are freakin’ everywhere! ( Sorry, was that a racist statement?).

The map above shows the influx of weapons on each country, who they are aligned with, and who is profiting from it. The more weapons you introduce into the world, the harder it is to get rid of it. The harder it is to step down from inevitable war on either your neighbor, or yourselves. Soon, your military dinner plate starts filling up. So you have 5,000 AK47’s, but wait, that’s not enough, I need some grenade launchers to go with that. Hey, how about some riot gear to go along with that. What about that missile launcher?

You see, it escalates. Even some of the most poorest African countries get weapons to dictate whatever agenda ( usually a fight over natural resources ), and to pocket money to ingratiate themselves and buy more military hardware. Forget roads, schools, hospitals, fresh water, and infrastructure, I want my AK47.

And, believe it or not, it’s at your doorstep. If the NRA had their way, everyone, and I mean everyone from school children to 90 year old senior citizens should and would be armed in the United States. In some ways, they are right. You have to protect yourself. Why? Well not for their reasons but for the reasons why they push their agenda. I’m not afraid to walk around without a weapon, but I am afraid of those who do, those same law abiding citizens who get properly trained on using a weapon. Because I’m black, there is a perception about me, about my color that initiates fear in some of those individuals. So much fear that they can justify using lethal force against me.

Well sorry my gun toting yahoot friends, I’m not going to let that happen. I too will be armed, just like the rest of you fools. So the next time you’re sitting in a theatre and a assassin with a gun walks in and starts shooting up the place, I’m going to duck, and… make sure you don’t try to frag my ass while presumably protecting yourself….

Funny, after seeing a segment on CNN about Putin and Sisi, there was a commercial right after that segment of the news about taking a vacation on a exotic beach and leaving all your worries behind. How ironic.  So I just showed you a map of the world and all the weapons being sold in it, and I’ll leave you on a beach to contemplate our sorry future… Peace Mickey Fickey…



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