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So, what of Elliot Rodgers?….



In the aftermath of the shooting in at the University California Santa Barbara, we get a unique perspective on a person who’s warped view of what college should be, sex, being a virgin, what has been sold as what you should be attracted to, and attraction itself.

Now, the psychoanalysts are going to put there spin on him, homogenized and dissect him, but when it all boils down to it, it was mostly about getting laid and not getting what you want in an all about me society.

So, I’m going to attempt to put my own spin on a tragedy that should not have happened. A tragedy that is based upon the twisted view of what is beautiful, how you present yourself to a woman, your opinion of yourself,  and, what should college be all about, which is not about fun, sex, and women.
I’m going to first take you back to 1982. I was a transfer student, at the University of Michigan, and I decided to go dine at South Quad, where there were more black people. Let me tell you one thing, I did not have fun at the University of Michigan, anyway… My dormitory, which was on the south part of campus, was a small 3 or 4 story building, across from the ice hockey arena. My dorm had no cafeteria, so I had my pick of which dorm I would go to for dinner.  I would go to West Quad, and would be practically the only black person. I found myself somewhat uncomfortable, eating at a sparsely  seated table with a dining hall full  with people I didn’t know. Now, don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a very ethnically diverse community, predominantly Polish,  but, this was a little different for me, after being in a high school that was 75% black. Trust me, that was not picnic either, dealing with the different stratification of black people from all parts of the City of Detroit.By the way, if you didn’t know, I’m black.
So, I went to where I thought I would be most welcome, South Quad, home of where most black people lived on campus. Many of the athletes were there as well. So, I figured, cool, being a former football player, I would fit right in, maybe even seeing some of the guys I played against in high school.
So, there it was a table full of blacks, wow, I’m in heaven, so I thought. I sat down, speaking to some while I was eating, looking around at the variety of people there when a young lady, who was sitting across from me ask me 2 question that changed my whole perspective on my standard of beauty, and more importantly, what beauty really is, why I was in college, and who do I hang out with.
The first question she asked me was, “Do you play football?”, to which my answer was no. The second question was, “Do you belong to a frat?”, to which my answer was no. Her next response was, “Oh”. After that, the conversation fell dead silent, nothing more was said. Interesting I thought.
Now, I have to admit, she was a beautiful woman. A woman to die for. A woman you’d want to have sex with, but, unfortunately, not with me. I didn’t have the credentials. I didn’t have the pedigree. I didn’t have a BMW. I didn’t have nothing… of what she wanted in order for her to have anything to do with me. So, undaunted, the next day, I went back to west quad. As usual, I stood in line with my white compatriots, when a young lady who was serving meals said to me, “wow, you have some beautiful eyes!”.
Now, I was flattered, taken back, surprised, and amazed. My eyes are a dark hazel in color, and it takes a person to look deep within them to see that. And, she saw that. Afterwards, she joined me in conversation in the cafeteria, and we had great conversation. By the way, she was white, short brown hair, not what your average conventional blond beauty barbies that most majority males are infected with as far as their classification of beauty.
So my perspective change, about beauty, about color, and about who like you. If someone has an interest in you, can hold an intelligent conversation, and enjoys being around you, guess what, perhaps that person will like you. The most important thing is, be yourself, not your pretentious, overbearing, overconfident material lusting self, but yourself. Anyway… Fast forward to what happened at USC and the video he produced before he went out to take his anger out on the world, his perception of beauty and himself, and you will see what I’m getting at.
Now before I get started, if you’re relative of someone whom was injured or killed in this tragedy, I feel for you, and empathize with you as well. I lost my father to a gunman who robbed him in his grocery store, so, to experience a loved one to a quick, violent, and scene-less death leaves you angry, pissed off,  and empty.
After watching just a minute of the video, I was struck at how well spoken this young man was. He was articulate, and spoke clearly and concise, with an ominous insight of his intentions. First, the young man drove a BMW. Now, in California, that may not be a big deal, but at 22, a BMW riding around on campus alone should be able to attract someone to you. But wait, here is the premise, she must be blond and white. Not Hispanic, Not, black, not native, but blond and white in of all places, California. California, where beauty is a dime a dozen, or perhaps within your grasp at with the right surgical augmentation. You may not know what you are getting.  In addition, quite frankly, if you need a car to attract a woman,  that may be one of your issues.
In another video he made, he speaks of being lonely, that he dresses nice, how sophisticated he is, how he is a gentlemen, his car, and how magnificent he is. These are mostly material things.
He then speaks of never having a girlfriend, never having to have kissed one, and once again how magnificent he is, and that all the other slobs around campus that have girlfriends.
He speaks of himself of being gorgeous,yet, these other guys seem to have all the luck with all the woman, and that he doesn’t understand this. Now, I don’t know him, and I’m no psychologist, but, the very thing he seems to lack, which is humility, is probably one of the reasons he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and that is perhaps why he walked around with blinders on, not seeing who really would be interested in him. I find it a little hard to believe that he was unattractive to women, he seems like an interesting character…. not to me of course but, to someone…, especially in California.
He also seems to have a fixation on blond women. Well sorry dude, there are a whole lot of beautiful women out there who are not blond. It’s too bad there isn’t more to go on with him because the first thing he as to realize is, there is so much more to the world than having sex with blond white women…
Now he also speaks of loneliness, rejections, and unfulfilled desires. I find that a little hard to believe of a son of a director in Hollywood. The guy seems articulate, smart, and handsome, but at the same time, seems too confused with sex, and affection, which he can get from a prostitute by the way. Or, how about
Now for a quick time out moment, Christopher, a victim of the shooting father’s press comments were emotional, angry, but off base as well. I’m not a NRA fan, but they are not to blame, and neither are the politicians. Stricter gun laws would not have stopped him, he killed his first three victims with a knife so that argument can be thrown out of the window.
Finally, what can be done to stop something like this. My answer is, nothing. I would not have thought he was capable to do what he said, even if I saw that video before it all happened. He didn’t seem like the type, if there is such a thing. He seemed too calm, too articulate, too calculated, too scripted. He had too many options as to not do what he did, but, I’m not in his mind, so I don’t know. It does show one thing though; it’s the mind that takes action upon weapons to do things to people, not the weapons themselves. I know that sounds Kinda NRAish, and I’m not their advocate, but there some is truth in propaganda.

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