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The letterman, version 4.0 version 1

IMG_20130815_184932_325Version 4.0 of the letterman is finally here, and gone. It went fast at times, and at times, it dragged on. New coaches, new field, new locker room, new attitude. The field is going to get turf after all of these years, and thank goodness, that place was a rain trap with no drainage and an old style gravel trace, just like the freakin’ kind I ran on when I was in high school. But no matter, it’s going to happen, finally!

The field is nearly complete. It’s an amazing place, ready for their final game of the season. The Letterman, version 4.0 is All-Catholic League. He has played with some magnificent character over the last 8 games.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. New coaches, same results. The defense was better, but when you’re making tackles on one side of the ball then having to turn around and run on offense, it wears on you after a while. And it wore on him through all of nine games. I had never seen him so beat down during and after a season, he played well, All-Catholic league well, but football is not a one man band, it’s a team sport.


I’m not one to criticize coaches, they have a very tough job. If done right, as a coach, mentor, role model, and leader, it can still have its pitfalls. Trust me, I had my most interesting challenge as a coach this year and unfortunately, I had to step a way from it. I did not want to conflict with the letterman’s senior season.

He’s had a great run, valuable lesson learning, and ultimately, opportunity to play at the next level. In any even, he’s grown intellectually, physically, is the most capable young man I know in his age group. When people talk to him, they speak of his insight-fullness, his maturity, his composure. They speak of leadership, and even Presidential qualities in him. Most of all, I”m just proud of him. Hail to the letterman…


In his pre-letterman days:



The letterman then:



And the letterman now:



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