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Heroin, the city killer…


Historically, the raw material for most of the heroin consumed in the United States came from Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), or know to the US as Vietnam in the early part of the 20th century. This was started by the underworld, or the mafia and its associates which was called the French Connection, which was started producing the drug in 1937. This destructive drug was introduced to the inner cities of the United States after WWII, and eventually destroyed most of them, especially places like Detroit, because of the ability to afford the drug by autoworkers, especially black autoworkers. As the black middle class grew in Detroit, so did the profits of the drug cartels. In addition, Tungsten, Titanium, and… rubber. Titanium was a key rare metal in nuclear bomb assembly. Rubber was still king in parts of the world, synthetic rubber was at the beginning of its creation. Vietnam had all of this. After Vietnam as well as most of Indochina collapsed after the Vietnam war, Afghanistan became a new source of Heroin production, until the Taliban took over. The Taliban did not use Heroin to fund their objectives in Afghanistan, at least not at first. It wasn’t until the United States invaded Afghanistan did the production rise in the country again as the #1 producer of Heroin. Now, isn’t it just a “coincidence” that Europe and the United States is now experiencing a new wave of Heroin, and now Mexico has risen to the second leading producer of Heroin?

You’d be surprised how a few, and I mean few drug dealers helped bring down a whole city like Detroit. The BK’s, LK’s, Sconies, Best Friends, and the rest of these people made a lot of money, but guess what, they were at the low end of the totem pole. Sure they could buy a Mercedes cash, but, that was nothing compared to what their overlords were making. Most of those gang members are now dead, and most of those at the top of the food chain have now legitimatized themselves, sort of like Michael’s famous line in the Godfather movie, “The Corleone family will be completely legitimate in 7 years”….

So now the die has been cast once again. Afghanistan is the main supplier, and Mexico will be a close second, virtually giving the world an endless supply. When a drug is introduced to an inner city, it’s never “contained”. There are too many to profit from, the runners, the dealers, the suppliers, the distributors, and even legitimate business. It’s the destroyer of neighborhoods, families, friends, loved ones, and maybe has even affected you. Heroin is a city killer, and it helped kill Detroit, St. Louis, parts of Chicago, Parts of New York, Newark, parts of Philly, and a host of other cities I cannot even name. Heroin is nothing but the slow and effective nuclear bomb that has been dropped in any major city in the United Sates.

So when are you going to wake up and stop destroying yourselves? Hmmmmm….


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