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The Syrian debacle…

SYRIA-CHEMICAL_2650175bThe picture included in this document gives no evidence on whether Syria has used chemical weapons or not in their current civil war. We should not be convinced yet, until the UN’s findings tells the world on its findings. The United States, the country of which I’m a citizen of has presumably has enough information to initiate an attack. So you want another war huh? Well you got it, wrapped in a neat little package for you. The good ole’ U.S., humans rights champions, beacon of freedom and opportunity, protector of the free world where it counts ( oil and money ), and watchdog of WMD’s.  The line has been crossed, according to our President.  They have crossed the red line. The war mongers have finally get their way, good old John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham and the war machine behind them. They have been criticizing the United States ( President Obama) for sitting by and doing nothing while thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced. “Those poor women and children”, they mention. “Those crimes against humanity”, they say. Oh, have you forgot about Rwanda, how we sat by and watched just over a million die and thousands dumped in the river? Where was our sense of humanity back then?   Where were you then to weep over all the death and carnage?

So here we are again, innocent people slaughtered ( woman and children to especially tug at your heart), and we are ready to act accordingly. Bombs and more bombs. Destroy first, then invade and screw up a country some more, then come in and start rebuilding to line pockets up for the hedge fund backed companies ready for a quick return on their investment. Targeting Assad first so that it will end quickly. You’ve just send a message that it’s quite clear you’re not going to wait for the UN findings, so do you really think I’m  going to just stand around and watch you and your followers kill innocent victims? But even more to the point, do you think he’s going to just stand in the right spot and say, “please target me (Assad)  with your drone or cruise missiles”.  Trust me he was watching closely as to what happened to Hussein, Mubarak,  Bin Laden,  and Qaddafi.

Mubarak is now gone. All the old guard of the Middle east which has gotten its foothold for the last 40 years are slowly or rapidly going away.  We are now going to see a rapid change of leadership in the Middle East that is not supported by the old nomenclature of weapons for peace but rather, the radical nature of what one wants to be represented by. It’s not fast enough, kick them out and do it again, democracy now! ( oh forget you were voted in legally) . Hey didn’t you know democracy works for at least once voting cycle? If you want change, you have to vote them out, not walk in his office and tell him he’s done by the presiding leadership of the military, isn’t that call a coup? Oh wait, I forgot, a coup is when that military leader declares himself the new leader, small difference.

So it’s not going to be a real war, just a perpetual one. One that expends bombs and not many people, at least not American lives. We will end up getting a nice sized body count and destroy enough infrastructure to say we’ve done our job. So, poor service of  electricity, water supply, and fuel for another Arab country. There will be more and more people displaced and refugees. People will lose their homes, families, their lively hood.  That’s what you get for wanting to be free and being a proxy for the wrong side. But the real problem is, there is no right side.

slide_314061_2828241_freeIf you’re an oil  or Arab state under political transformation, you’re screwed. Gone are the days of picking the communist/socialist system to keep hounds of capitalism off your back. First, the international Mafia is going to make you pay for your past transgressions for trying to nationalize your oil production facilities and not work under the old colonial oil system. If you try to move towards democracy, you will get a sectarian backlash, one which is rooted in radical Islam, or Islam with the gloves off. I have not educated myself enough to form an definitive opinion to make sense of what I think of Islam or at least it’s’ radical side, so I’m not going to pontificate anymore on it until I have given it more thought.

There is too much pressure from the military industrial complex, hedge funds, political ideologies, and plain ole greed.  And that greed extends not just from the United States, but from China as well. They want a piece of the action as well but they just go about it through other means. They are non vocal during this suspected use of chemical weapons, not a word, but they will be ready to pounce upon the aftermath of whatever comes from it. If the United States goes in with guns blazing, China will be there to pickup the pieces with money and infrastructure help. If the United States stays neutral, it’s a slow bleed for them, and China still wins because they have no interest or “bets” of the outcome of the conflict. What’s is easy for China is, they can keep their noises clean by staying neutral and quiet.

In the end, we see the writing on the wall. The United States will use its military might to sway the public sentiment their way. Then will get buy-in from France and Great Britain(maybe). The bombs will start falling. The battle will sway for the rebels, temporarily. Then there will be a time to face the music, either continue supporting them or pull out and run. support them through a government transformation or, try to alienate Assad. Either way will be violent, messy and bloody, and to what means?

I have heard commentary that President Obama has to act to justify United States credibility in the region, and that the “red line” statement has put his credibility on the line. Hey Mr. President, forget that. Your own Congress is trying to prevent you from bombing Syria, not because it’s the right thing to do, but it is the right political thing to do to hurt you politically in their eyes.  If a Republican were President, the bombs would have already fallen, with no proof of anything had happened. Remember Iraq?

For a moment, lets say that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. Here is a small excerpt from a WWI document concerning the use of it:

Mustard gas was a source of extreme dread. In The Anatomy of Courage (1945), Lord Moran, who had been a medical officer during the war, wrote:

“After July 1917 gas partly usurped the role of high explosive in bringing to head a natural unfitness for war. The gassed men were an expression of trench fatigue, a menace when the manhood of the nation had been picked over.”

The reasons why countries and leaders would stoop to use such weapons is because they don’t know all the repercussions of it. Political fallout. World condemnation. Retaliation. War. But it also has an ugly side, death, destruction. Fear, and reducing human aggression to the likeness of spraying roaches under a sink. It’s a horrible thing, and unfortunately, after it’s introduction in WWI, it may have reared it’s ugly head in the 21st century. What’s next? I think we all know the answer to that question.

800px-Nach_Gasangriff_1917Gas attack of British troops in 1917.


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  1. Riley Frost
    August 30, 2013

    Interesting post. It’s still pretty precarious, you might be interested in this:

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