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On the other side of a weapon…Part 2


Sad tragedy that occurred on a fatal day. Your heart just goes out to the parent, children, and educators and staff that died in a senseless shooting. I was in a workout center when a parent said to me, “I have a 5 year old and I just hugged her after I heard what happened”. I said, “Yes, I feel for those parent and all who were killed just because they were in the right place, but at the wrong time”. Twenty six innocent people died at the hands of a apparently troubled individual. Now, at a time a grief in this country, some are buying even more weapons, and getting ready for the oncoming battle. Assault weapons are the target, and the Rambo’s out there are lock and loading their weapons. This happened a few months ago and not is out of sight and, out of mind.

Before I go into this, let me give you an analogy, a nuclear analogy. Right now, several countries around the world are moving towards arming themselves with nuclear weapons, and the ability to deliver them through missile systems. The United States, and the free world ( that means everyone who doesn’t vote against the U.S. in the United Nations), does not want them to have them. Nuclear proliferation are the code words used. Of course no one really wants nuclear weapons to spread, but, look a the reason why most of these nations want them.

Here in the United States, we enjoy the fact that no one can really threaten us with Nuclear weapons without extreme retaliation from us. The one time it happened was during the Cuban missile crisis, which was defused by some back door negotiations. Afterwards, a nuclear hot line was established, and the US and the Soviet Union embraced “MAD”, which is the acronym for “mutually assured destruction”. Each side carried enough might that any attempted for a preemptive attack would be met by a similar attack on their own country.  So we had to come up with a new way of fighting. Cold war, war by proxy, war by the KGB and the CIA. But never fight a conventional war that could lead to mutual destruction. The key to all of this is, both sides were armed.

The United States has the most technically advanced military in the world. If the United States were to park one of it’s nuclear aircraft carriers off the coast of most countries around the world, they would immediately control most of that country’s airspace, or at least the airspace as far as the planes can reach from the carrier. The U.S. can change your disposition at at moments notice when that happens. What ever was going on before the U.S. to move that carrier off your sandy beaches or rocky coastline, you backed down after that carrier was parked there. So some countries are tired of this, they want to even the playing field, they want a nuclear weapon, not just for that but for some regional issues that have been going on for quite some time now.  They want that kind of weapon because of the perception of  the projection of the U.S. military power. They see it as bully politics on a global scale.  Having a nuclear weapon(s) evens the playing field. So I’ll start the narrative from there.

The second amendment reads as follows:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Now this can lead to different interpretations, but I’m not going to deviate from it that much. It could read that if you live within a state of the United States, you are free to keep arms in order to maintain some type of security for yourself and if need be, for the state itself. But if you look closely, it says regulated militia. That is the condition that causes so much tension in all of this. Some say it’s a right to bear arms in order to help the militia maintains a sense of security. Others read it as a free for all, you can bear an arm(s) as long as your a law abiding citizen. Regardless, it’s interpreted as, “I can legally purchase a weapon”.

Note, I used the word legal. You see, the real issue of our gun society is not the guns themselves, it’s access to them, both legally and illegally. Do I really need a glock  with a 14 bullet clip? No I don’t, but to many it’s a “sweet” weapon. Powerful, and in many ways, lets you feel emboldened, Zimmerman style. Carrying a gun required an elevated responsibility. If you’re one who want to avoid a confrontation, carrying a weapon requires you to have extra care to avoid a confrontation. You have no point of escalation once you’re in a situation that you believe you’re in a life or death struggle. A policeman or woman has pepper spray, taser, and finally their weapon, all used in that order, to subdue an individual in the act of a crime or a suspect.

A person carrying a concealed weapon has no options if escalation is required. The argument they would use is they are within their rights by law to carry their weapon if purchased legally and properly trained and licensed for it. They would argue that they are not properly trained to do police work, and carrying pepper spray may impend their right to defend themselves. So, they carry their weapon everywhere. To the mall, in a gas station, and on neighborhood watch.

Somehow something is wrong with that. Carrying a weapon makes people do one of two things. Either not go out and stay out of the way of large crowds and any area you feel either threatened in or, load up, and carry a weapon also. Which is a problem, because I do not want to be dictated to be either the criminal element, nor some gun carrying yahoos. Add to the fact I’m black, I’m really eager to load up now, because I’m determined as a threat anyway. “Look out, that black man may be carrying a weapon too”, the story goes.

Now the way my article is worded, you may think I think what happened to Treyvon was wrong. Well it was, but the rally cry should not be justice for an unarmed black teen being shot by a non black gun toting yahoo. The rally cry should be as to why so many young black teens are being killed in Chicago, Detroit, Philly, L.A., etc, on the other side of a weapon. How many boys shot in L.A.? Chicago? How many by illegal weapons? How many shot by other youth? Didn’t President Obama come from the south side of Chicago? Isn’t Jesse Jackson’s Operations Push headquartered there? Treyvon’s death should not be a trial about why he was killed but what his killing represents, which is ‘The value of human life is not valued at all, especially black youth. And that’s no fault of a gun, it’s the fault of a mindset. It’s the fault of reality. It’s the fault of the lack of parenting. The value of black male life is so low in South Chicago and other inner cities that they are not even reported on a national level. If 30 people were shot on the South Side of Chicago, shouldn’t that be the same as two soldiers wounded in Afghanistan?

Just like nuclear weapons, the genie has been let out of the bottle. Too many guns, both legal and illegal, and the law abiding citizen who has to make a choice: carry or not.  My preference is the analogy of the strip club. We are all frisked at the front door, and nobody is packing on the inside, so it’s safe. Hmmmm, so is that my only place of refuge in a world full of guns? Hey let’s go out do dinner, great idea, oh wait, I have to get my gat, give me a minute while I strap it on to my leg.


So I guess another good question is, “would you date a woman/man who carry’s a concealed weapon ?”… Kinda cute, and kinda deadly…


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