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A dollar a day – Made in China

1yuan2This documentary I’ve attached at the bottom of this blog struck me. It pulled me in because it shows how much we can be just susceptible to circumstances by our birth. Nothing but a role of the dice in the cosmic stars. A grain of sand on the beach. A king or a pauper. Born on a farm or in the cement jungle. Silver spoon, or poverty.  This documentary starts out with two young Chinese girls singing a song on top of a factory in China. Imagine that, singing on top of a very large factory with your cousin, taken from the central farmlands of China, sent there by your family to work at just above slave labor.  A human study by the corporation who run the factory has determined that “You” a young woman is more focused than a young man of the same age. They make components for computers assemblies to be installed for corporations like Dell, IBM, Sony, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, and others. And all for just the dollar equivalent of 150.00 a month.

Now when those company names were mentioned, I felt a little responsible for those to girls sitting there. I have been participating in this giant technology wave for the last 30 years of programming computers, buying the hardware to master my craft of pumping out endless lines of code, trying to see what I can make or problem I can solve with it.  I have been purchasing wave after wave of electronic devices, flat screens, laptops, printers, robots components,  Arduino, Raspberry pi, cell phones, and an assortment of gadgets and gizmos. I am the reason why those two girls are sitting on top of that factory, and I didn’t even know they existed. Now I do, but strangely, for all the work they toil over sitting there, for endless hours, putting together components, they don’t know me. I’m 8,000 miles away, doing my thing while they sing for a better life of tomorrow…. on a rooftop.

You see, China, like India, has an abundance of human commodity. When I saw the rows and rows of woman working in this factory, it reminded me of the movie, ” the matrix”. Humans, tightly packed on an assembly line, in the same clothing, almost looking exactly the same, working away. Here in the United States, it would have been engineered into an automated factory, with fewer than 1/10th the people. It’s cheaper, to house, train, feed, and “people” to work under these conditions in China. It’s not all bad, I mean, it’s not a dangerous place to work. They are given housing. They are fed. But, there is something sinister about this engineered experiment, or shall I say, “Communist Capitalism hybrid”.

By taking someone off of the farm and allowing them to work for something they could have never achieved in farming, they have created the worker-bee nirvana, at least for the corporation. You see, communism is not suppose to work like this. It was suppose to be self contained, and not be so eager to supply the capitalist world, it’s enemy. It wasn’t suppose to supply cheap labor to the decadent capitalists. It wasn’t suppose to be buying favors in places like African and Panama and Iran for natural resources and oil. It wasn’t suppose to exploit people, but instead, be for the people.

Goodbye Communism, and hello to the multinational corporation world. Ahhh, the good ole’ multinational corporation strikes again. It’s stateless. Is not part of any country. It just exists in a secret base in the middle of Antarctica, in a warm balmy underground chamber that is only for the few.  . Impossible to get there by the rest of us worker-bees. This video depicts what is exactly wrong with this system of governments we are in.  Massive shifts in labor markets based upon how cheap can a product be produced without a concern about costly but necessary regulatory.  No unions. Huge shift in wealth around the world. Unregulated hedge fund investing. Casino stock markets.

And sadly we have bought into it. We are part of this “matrix” that has been created. If a company has studied who can work with such precision, then they have been studying us, the consumer, for quite some time. The internet makes it even easier, gathering data about you that you have no idea is being statistically categorized.  What you buy, what foods you eat, what electronics and appliances you purchase, where you live, what porno you look at,   you have been engineered just like the young ladies in this documentary.

So watch in amazement just like I did, and perhaps unplug yourself from your ‘Matrix’… But remember, once you’ve been pulled off the farm and learned of another life, perhaps better for some, then what? You get plugged in, and that my dear friends is the real deal, what do you plug yourself into…

A Dollar a Day: Made in China.


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