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Yes, it’s because he’s black…


The young man above just walked past you:

He’s 17

He belongs to the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering program ( DAPCEP )
He’s President of Michigan youth in government in his school 2013-2014
He’s captain of his football team
All catholic league honorable mention running back 2012
He’s a member of the conduct review board of his high school 2013-2014
University of Michigan renewable Engineering special recognition 2013
He did the United States Naval Academy STEM program summer 2012
Michigan State University – Renewable Energy Advancement 2012
University of Michigan MITE engineering summer 2011
Lake Superior State University Robotics camp 2010
Concert band – Second chair trumpet
Runs the 100, 200, 400, and shot put for his high school track team
Currently being recruited by several highly rated universities and colleges

But, you don’t know that. All you see is a black kid, that by his presence alone has just intimidated you. You’re carrying a weapon, and you’re ready to pull it on him. So despite all of his accomplishments in his young life, he has to live with that. He know that you may look at him as less than a human being.He know that you may not value his life. He knows that his age and his skin color may make him a target of the police, the neighborhood watch, being in an urban community, etc. He knows at any given moment, a series of events could lead to a confrontation,  a life altering event, or something that could threaten his existence. He also knows that the justice system may not be on his side.

Trust me, he knows….


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