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Song of a football player…


Song of a Football Player

I am from a winning tradition, championships games and bronze trophies were all I knew,
But I left those victories behind to start a new journey on a bigger stage I am a guardian and an antagonist…

With each small step embarking on my journey that will be filled with trials and tribulations
But the road I walk will be filled with brotherhood and compassion all the same
With each step the field will imprint me with memories, joyous and damned, as I imprint it

Demoralizing defeats and outstanding achievements will become me
Pain and joy will follow me
I will laugh, I will cry, I will hurt, I will fall, I will get back up with the help of my
brothers, and  I will continue until my days on that field are done

The barren oval, which has held victories and defeats,
The structure where friendships and sorrow resides and allies and enemies collide

Filled with memories joyous and heartbreaking

Some say that the game held in that oval is brutish and meant for half-witted barbarians
I rebuke them and say this is a game of Aristotle and the Hawkins
This is a game of brotherhood and discipline

They see people crashing, bashing, and thrashing each other in an unorganized mess
While I see perfectly orchestrated movements

A ball-carrier analyzing the movement of eleven assailants in a split-second
The mental chess match between adversaries trying to predict each other’s next move, all the while hiding their true intentions through feints

 A player masterfully dancing and weaving his way through defenders
With the gracefulness of a ballerina and the strength of an ox he glides into the endzone

 Playful banter between teammates in the sanctuary they call the locker room
A single tear rolls down a face, an arm consoling his comrade, the sound of a helmet and locker colliding fills the otherwise deathly silent room

The crunch of helmets and pads resounds through the field as two indomitable wills clash

 The bittersweet moment when two brothers, who fought and cried together, roads now split one time in the oval is done

 Although they say good-bye they will be forever intertwined by the thread of their memories
This is how I see the game that is held in the Oval

The silence of the locker room before the game begins
Players suiting up for battle
They apply their sticky black war paint under each eye
Muscles contract and flex under the cumbersome weights

The fans thunderous roar fills the field as the team enters
A player rehabilitates his injured shoulder, praying he is able to play the next week

After a massive tackle, a dazed players  staggers back to the huddle and tries to comprehend the quarterback play call

Exhausted players slump lazily on couches and chairs after their third practice of the day

The crunch of helmets and pads resounds through the field as two indomitable wills clash

Their fatigued bodies barely having enough energy to hold a Xbox controller
A sore and tired body makes its way up the steep concrete steps after another hard day of practice

Red faced coaches wildly gesture and bark signals for tranquil players to decipher and translate into the next play

A player soars above the ground and grasps the flying ball
A player submerges himself in ice cold water to assuage his soreness
A stampede of players runs out and congregates on the symbol of their team

Teammates gobble down plates of food during a pregame meal
A sweat-soaked and exhausted player gasps for air as he begs his body to continue
The hulking mass rumbles across the field annihilating any opposition

A reserved newcomer is taking under the wing of elder members and welcomed into their kinship with open arms

One player trudges along alone, the banners blow in the wind , the rowdy fans have dispersed, the scoreboard signifies a loss

My brother’s loss is my loss
Victory the same
The burden we share together, but without, one we will all fail

Victory surrounds my being, embraces me and fills my soul with unbridled joviality
Defeat eats at me, gnaws at my heart and infects my spirit like a virus

But both will become me
My soul will share the equal weight of both neither more important than the other,
and I will transform these moment of success, failure, and everything in between into experience as I continue on my journey

 I look at him and he looks at me, we know our time together is over
Through quivering lips I manage to stutter “it has been fun”
With tears in his eyes he nods his head in agreement
But we both know our time together has been more than that

 He has been a protector and big brother to me
Insurmountable challenges we have endured together, side by side
Pain has afflicted us, opposition has confronted us, and doubt has preyed on us
But through this our bond has only become stronger
As we hurdled every obstacle presented before us

 As he walked off that field our journey together ended and I am left with memories both bleak and jubilant

As my feet crunches the green grass of the field, I see ahead a young man starting his journey as I once had and I take him under my wing

I am now the mentor, encompassing all that the field has to hold, every atom of myself is the field as the field is every atom of me

I will bestow on him the wealth of knowledge and experiences of the field as my brothers have done for me

copyright (c) 2013 JTM


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