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Susan Rice

US United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice Speaks To The Press After Meeting On Syria

Susan Rice removed her name off the short list for Secretary of State. Sort of like Pharaoh did to Moses. “Let the name of Susan Rice be stricken from every tablet and obelisk”. Although she withdrew it, she was banished from the onslaught of GOP Blafemcism. I know, there is no such word, but, how else can I explain Black Female Racism. I know the first knee jerk reaction from any Dixiecrat who may even dare to read this is, “That was not the case”.  Well guess what? Sorry you despicable Republican’s, I have contempt for you up to any hairs left on the top of my bald head which I shaved this morning. I can say this because of all the things that have been conducted against this President in the last four years have been contemptible. We have a very long way to go as far as race relations in this country. For those who have been smart enough to see it since 1964, it comes as no surprise. And frankly I’m happy because of that. Tell the truth. Man up. Grow some balls and for once in your life and admit your contempt loudly. Go have your proclamation back at Stone Mountain if you want.

Let’s see, what’s the big fuss? Oh I’m sorry she’s a  Rhodes Scholar. A Truman Scholar. A Phi Beta Kappa. This woman was trained to be in the service for her country and groomed for a position like this in her education background and the work she’s performed for her country. My goodness the women even played point guard. All because a man, one whom I use to have great respect for, has officially become a whiner and that is…. John McCain.  Oh I’m sorry, make that two men, Senator Lindsey Graham has joined the list. John McCain, the guy who I would have probably voted for in year 2000 if he had not let Bush walk all over him in the primaries. John McCain, who after missing his window to run for President, tries it again, and this time he picks….. Sarah Palin.

So here is a man, who is “deeply troubled” by what came out of an internal meeting with him and Graham, proudly put on display Palin, a women who quit her tenure as Governor of Alaska, didn’t know much of anything, didn’t read anything, and had family issues such as a baby on the way by her 18 year old daughter. And he felt perfectly comfortable and letting this woman be second in command in the United States. You have to be kidding me. How could anyone could have voted for that ticket?

I’m not going to even go into Graham, he’s not worth the time, and he just used his political weight to back up McCain. This all started with Hillary Clinton, soon to be leaving as Secretary of State, decided to decline doing a Sunday more talk show interviews on what happened in Libya. Well, this was great opportunity for Susan to get some face time with the public, show some of her presentation skills, and create some buzz about her being a strong candidate for Secretary of State. Give her some talking points, prep her and get her out there. Great idea, bad move. The talking points were flawed. Either by bad intelligence, or by trying to ease concerns for other political reasons.  There was no way this was going to be a terrorist attack, too soon to tell. Too soon to say there was a lap in security or intelligence. No way, nothing like that, just talking points.

But noooooo, angry over the results of the election, and perhaps even getting some punches in for losing in 2008, McCain went on the war path. He knows no other, either fighting with a jet plane or fighting verbally in the senate. He’s the grumpy old man in the Senate. We’d be in three wars if he were in office, and trying to justify a fourth (Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria).

I also blame Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza is articulate, astute, smart, musician, attractive, but was not qualified for being Secretary of State either. Her dissertation centered on military policy and politics in what was then the communist state of Czechoslovakia.

Great if the cold war was still hot. Not so great in the new world order. OK anyway, there were even some Republican grumblings about her at Secretary of State but Bush came to her rescue on many occasions.  Condoleezza was a professor trying to lead the state department. In my opinion, not a good mix for world politics.

So, the people have spoken, the President is re-elected, and it’s partisan politics as usual. Except this time, the Republicans are still playing for their weakening powerbase and not for the good for the country. John Kerry is up next, and all reports are, he will “sail” in his conformation as Secretary of State. One of them, tenured in the senate, tall, white, rich, and a way to try to obtain a senate seat by the Republican/Dixiecrat once he vacates his seat.

Different faces, same old politics, it’s still 1955 in 2012 in the United States….Can’t some of yall get over that fact that Leave it to Beaver is not on TV anymore, Dang….


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