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On the other side of a weapon…


Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.

-Jason Whitlock

  Jason makes a good point here but, I am not saying their needs to be more gun control laws. But there are those who look at carrying a gun that goes beyond protecting themselves. When I was in the service, they gave you a M16A1 and for those first few days you just carried it around. Then they finally demonstrated what it could do. I was taken back by it going through metal. Then we went to the range and was given a demonstration of what a Bradley fighting vehicle could do. Again I was taken back. Finally we got a demonstration of at M1 tank could do. The concussive force of it made my heart actually skip a beat. Each one of those weapons were deadly accurate. Then I got a chance to fire a LAW, which is a light anti-tank weapon. Amazing. I discovered a new-found respect for each of those weapon systems, regardless of their size, and the results of their use.

One Sunday, I was in the barracks, and a Major call to speak to the duty Sargent. I told the Major the Sargent wasn’t there ( he was off to get his groove on with a bubbly female cadet). He paused and then said, “Cadet, I want you to go down stairs to the weapons locker, and make sure it’s closed and secured”. I could detect a heightened concern in his voice. He knew the implications of some crazy cadets with the possibility of getting hold of some weapons. I checked the weapons locker, and it was secured.

I guess my point in all of this is what “could” go wrong when a weapon, especially a handgun, get into the hands of an individual. It does give you a sense of power in some ways. For me it doesn’t, and for several reasons. First, I feel a great sense of responsibility of holding one, and if I would ever carry a concealed weapon I would try my best to avoid any situation that would put myself in a compromising position of feeling I would have to use it to protect myself. Another reason is my father was shot and killed in his grocery store in an attempted robbery that was senseless.  The reality of what can occur when someone has a weapon of such power hits home for me.It changed my life, my perspective, and my sense of reality.

It can give you a sense of security. You’re at home, it’s late at night, you hear a sound that could be or is someone breaking into your home, you go get your weapon, and use the protocol you may have been trained to do to protect yourself, and your family. That doesn’t mean you go around your house Rambo style trying to stalk a perceived burglar. It means, locking your door in the room you’re in, calling 911, inform them your situation and the fact you have a weapon, and wait for help to arrive.

There is going to be a lot of speculation as to what triggered Jovan Belcher to kill his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. It took me a moment to find her name. Most articles only referred to her as his ‘girlfriend’ who had their 3 month old child. She was shot 9 times. His goal was to kill her, out of whatever emotion that overwhelmed him at that moment. Jealously, envy, rage, or a combination of them all. No one will every know why Jovan did what he did, unless the toxicology report shows the use of banned substances, or illegal drugs. There are already reports he could have had undiagnosed concussions. That’s nothing but pure speculation, and I have yet to have seen anyone driven to a fit of rage of a killing spree after having a concussion.

The combination of the state of mind to be a football player and owning a gun has some value of speculation, but rare. Football players have egos. Bravado. Toughness. A sense of determination. Fearlessness. Controlled rage which is generally exhibited on the football field. No player that I have ever known needed a weapon to make him feel that way, or heighten it. The combination of lifting weights, hitting people on the field, and reaping the benefits of those things are enough for most.

I also know people who like guns. Actually love them. Carry them. Sleep with them. They even hang out with women of have an equal amount of love for the weapons, and together they have one big gun orgy. They have hollow point bullets. They have a variety of handguns as well as rifles, shotguns, and other weapons. But, I also get a keen sense of respect of the weapons they have. They talk about what they would do in certain situations. They go to the gun range a lot. But for the most part, they are not dangerous to themselves, or the people around them. They know the law as well.

You see, we will probably never know what drove Jovan to do what he did. I imagine she went out to a party with a skin-tight little black dress and shook her ass once too often to his disliking. Jovan, now angry she came home after partying her ass off, kills her out of rage because she’s not home taking care of their 3 month old.  But that is silly because that puts the blame on her, and give him an undeserved “out” as to why he had a momentary fit of rage. The cowardly act of going to the football facility and thanking the coaches and general manager was an attempt by himself some sense of compassion from the public, because he knew what he was going to do next. He couldn’t face the hard facts and the truth of what he did. He killed the mother of his child, and then selfishly took his own life. He left a child parent-less, which in my opinion is an unforgivable act.

Our shock and pain goes out when we hear things like this, and Treyvon Martin. But think about it, the AK47 is the most prolific weapon used in the 20th and 21 century. People get killed by that weapon daily somewhere on this planet. On the military channel, it’s praised as being the best sub-machine gun ever invented. There are more of those things on the battle field more than any other rifle.

If you’ve ever been on the other side of a pointed weapon, trust me, you get the true perspective of what a weapon can do. But unfortunately most don’t live to speak of its true horror. 39 years  and 4 days ago, my father was on the receiving end of pointed weapon. And it cost him his life…

Prayers go out to the family’s who have been affected by this…

By the way, gun and ammunition sales were up again since the election. Second time around since the President was elected in 2008.  What’s up with that?



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