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So…you want a petition to secede from The Union…

“We want to get our country back!” stated the tea party activist continued to announced at each of their rallies. “Let’s take our country back”, is another common theme. “Let’s take it back from those lazy 47%ers”,  states another group trying to fire up their base. So much for their declining base. Those who don’t like anyone else who doesn’t act or look like them.  So, the election is over, the black man won again, and “you” have not gotten over it.

President Barak Obama won his re-election. Four more years of President Obama.  We will all be socialist when it’s all over, won’t we? He’s going to take us back in time to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and what the hell, let’s throw in Castro for good measure. All good communists, just like Obama. “We tried our best to get our country back, and we failed, so let’s do it one better, let’s try succession!”. But wait a minute, wasn’t that already tried, and wasn’t the result the Civil War? I mean I know it’s some kinda clause that can be interpreted as to claim  your right to succession.  OK so before I dive into this one, let’s define what succession in the Constitution, and, what states are seeking a petition. This country declared its independence from the King and Parliament.

I’m going to state something before I go into my tirade. And the statement is, “Another attempt to hold the country hostage because they can’t deal with having a African-American man running the show”. Plainly put, it’s because he’s black. Black, but really he’s truly African-American.

All told, petitions have been filed on behalf of 20 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Now remember, it’s just a petition. Michigan was a blue state this past election term so I really can’t see how they will end up truly being one of these states who want to secede. Colorado, Oregon and Indiana ( OK maybe Indiana ), you’ve got to be kidding me.

The Civil War was about many ideas and misconceptions. The South thinks of it as a war about state’s rights. The north says the fight was about the question of freedom, and as we open up the frontiers of the west, how were “we”, the United States was going to deal with the slave. Will these potentially new states going to incorporate slavery into their constitutions? Were they going to allow runaway slaves a safe haven? Slavery was the central force of escalating politics, but each side was fighting for different things.

The North was fighting for the preservation of the Union, not to abolish slavery. The slavery issue was primarily about whether the system of slavery was an anachronistic evil that was incompatible with Republicanism in the United States, or a state system protected by the Constitution. The strategy of the anti-slavery forces was to stop the expansion and thus put slavery on a path to gradual extinction. To the white South this strategy trampled their Constitutional rights.Slavery was gradually phased out of existence in the North and was fading in the border states and urban areas, but expanded in highly profitable cotton states of the Deep South.

So the south lost, and they had to go through the “R” word… reconstruction. During reconstruction black were allowed the right to vote, starting in 1867.

A Republican coalition came to power in nearly all the southern states and set out to transform the society by setting up a free labor economy, with support from the Army and the Freedman’s Bureau. The Radicals, upset at President Johnson’s opposition to Congressional Reconstruction, filed impeachment charges but the action failed by one vote in the Senate. President Ulysses S. Grant supported Radical Reconstruction, using both the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. military to suppress white insurgency and support Republican reconstructed states. Southern Democrats, alleging widespread corruption, counterattacked and regained power in each state by 1877. President Rutherford B. Hayes blocked efforts to overturn Reconstruction legislation.

The deployment of the U.S. military was central to the establishment of Southern Reconstructed state governments and the suppression of violence against black and white voters. Reconstruction was a remarkable chapter in the story of American freedom, but most historians consider it a failure because the region became a poverty-stricken backwater and whites re-established their supremacy, making the Freedmen second-class citizens by the start of the 20th century.
Many of the things in italics were copied from Wikipedia, sorry folks I’m not that smart. But it says a strong point when a crisis befalls a nation and it tries to restore order and allow justice to those who didn’t have any. It failed because the south became a backwater of violence and suppression of the black man. This gave rise to gangs rejecting the idea of equal footing with a former slave. Those gangs eventually called themselves the Ku Klux Klan. With the help of Northern army and the enforcement of law, almost 1500 blacks were voted into office, and amazing number of individuals in that time period. The first black senator elected was Hiram Rhodes Revels. He was an amazing individual, born a free man championing fairness, equality and the capabilities of black people. He was a chaplain in the U.S. Army and even nominated a black man to the U.S. Military Academy.  He only served for a short period, but he wrote a letter to President Ulysses S. Grant that was widely published, and speaks the following:

Since reconstruction, the masses of my people have been, as it were, enslaved in mind by unprincipled adventurers, who, caring nothing for country, were willing to stoop to anything no matter how infamous, to secure power to themselves, and perpetuate it….. My people have been told by these schemers, when men have been placed on the ticket who were notoriously corrupt and dishonest, that they must vote for them; that the salvation of the party depended upon it; that the man who scratched a ticket was not a Republican. This is only one of the many means these unprincipled demagogues have devised to perpetuate the intellectual bondage of my people…. The bitterness and hate created by the late civil strife has, in my opinion, been obliterated in this state, except perhaps in some localities, and would have long since been entirely obliterated, were it not for some unprincipled men who would keep alive the bitterness of the past, and inculcate a hatred between the races, in order that they may aggrandize themselves by office, and its emoluments, to control my people, the effect of which is to degrade them.

Does this sound familiar at all? the words “stoop to anything no matter how infamous to secure power to themselves, and perpetuate it.” How eloquent yet revealing the above statement makes. Sounds very familiar to today’s Republican party ( second generation Dixiecrat) who say no to everything and block any attempt for the “African-American” President to succeed, to which in my mind represents treason. They’d rather hold the country in an economic hostage situation. I take this seceding from the union very seriously. It won’t happen, but it does give a state of mind of finding  30,000 gun slinging ya-hoots per state to sign a petition  when they are not buying more bullets and cleaning their weapons. Remember Reconstruction as a legal fact and process was enshrined in the civil right act of 1865, defining people born in the United States as national citizens, entitled to the rights of citizenship regardless of race.

I’m not trying to open up old wounds about reconstruction, but show a strong connect of panic and nervousness in the minds of people who once thought the Presidency was their exclusive right of their own, and the awkwardness of them having to respond and respect a African-American, but not black president. (black means born in this country who have descendants who were brought over here in slavery, African-American is someone who’s parent or parents were from a country in Africa but a citizen of this country).  Don’t get me wrong, Grant had his issues as well. He proposed a treaty of Dominican Republic annexation to allow slaves to go there, he wanted to get rid of the issue of the black man.

In Georgia, the black men who were elected to office were expelled because they were deemed “unfit” to rule in the state. It took 1 year of federal intervention to overturn this running in their legislature.  Sound familiar? “Hey I want to see the long form of your birth certificate. I want to see your grades!” People who have such problems with a African-American president will try anything to try to get the President out of office. Get over it, he’s been reelected.

Finally, lets briefly talk about money. The return on the dollar that states give to the Federal government is immense. for every dollar, some states get back 1.75 in the form of grants and other “gifts” from the Federal government. You want to declare yourself a separate state, they the first thing you’re going to have to pay for is freeways, which was put in by the federal government. Your healthcare would rise immensely. No federal disaster relief. No FEMA. No Social Security unless you implement your own at a higher cost. University tuition would go even higher than it is now.  No federal road maintenance. Shall I go on?

My advice to you is, get past this. Return to the Union. Get over your racism ( with an echo). Take out your old confederate flags and burn them. Take off your white hoods while hidden in the pocket of your suit. People of color in this country is a fact you’re going to have to live with. Together, as one country indivisible, and with freedom and justice for ALL. Otherwise, move to Liberia, and don’t forget your guns, you’ll need them.

Peace baby…


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