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You have to be a bad ass…

Attended the University of Michigan Coaches Clinic for the last three days and was in a chalk talk with the great running back coach Fred Jackson. My five rules of coaching running backs are:

1. Hold on to the football
2. Run with the ball
3. Catch the ball
4. Block
5. Score touchdowns

During the University of Michigan scrimmage, I ran into two twins I played little league football with, Blane and Dwayne. It was wonderful catching up with those guys, I have not talked to them in over 30 years, and even more profound that one of them has a son playing for the University of Michigan as a running back now, that is so cool. But as we talked on the sidelines, we reminisced about our little league days, and how competitive it was. Trust me it was heated. The guys who were a year older than you were good, the guys your age were good, and the guys who were year younger than you were good as well. Player after player we named, talked about their virtues as a football player, and if we have seen them in life now. Wow, it was an interesting conversation, and reinforced what coach Fred Jackson mentioned about as to what it takes to be a running back. All the competition I had at running back in little league were.. BAD ASSES… Every single freakin’ one of them.

The above rules I pointed are some of the first things I try to coach my running backs.  Fred made a remarkable point that I have forgotten to drive home with the running backs I coach mainly because I had been coaching little league players for several years before going back to high school. But when I talked to the twins, I put it all together as to what Fred said.

What he said was this, “YOU HAVE TO BE A BAD ASS TO BE A RUNNING BACK”…

It can’t be put more simple that that.



Real or imaginary, made up or the results in your background, that is so true, the disposition of a running back has to be so intense he faces odds that are stacked up against him exponentially that it seems impossible to the average person or, even to another football player. All real football players are fearless on the field, but, in my opinion, the running back fearlessness rises above any on the field. Coach Jackson’s toughest running back is 5’6″ 172lbs, and arguably the toughest player on the team. Not your typical size to be a running back in the Big Ten, but wow, I completely understood his disposition, and I saw it in the way he ran.


But even more importantly, in life we are all bless with certain gifts. We may have been born in a certain situation, certain odds stacked for you or against you. You may have had everything granted to you and still have failed, or you may have had hardly nothing and have succeeded immeasurably. Real or imaginary challenge yourself, be that bad ass running back with a disposition so intense that you know you’re going to succeed in whatever you do… irregardless of the odds. In fact, F#%K the odds.

Next season, I’m coaching what I’ve known all along but have not put it into action: I’M GOING TO BE COACHING A BUNCH OF BAD ASSES….


By the way, the picture included in this blog are one in the same… Two bad asses of a different era…





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