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Trayvon Martin and Fat Mike….

Trayvon Martin, that name will resonate for a while in the African American community. He was walking to the home of his dad’s fiancee. The neighborhood watch thug said Trayvon looked suspicious. He then followed Trayvon after he was explicitly told not to by the 911 dispatcher who was on the phone with him. “A real suspicious guy”, he said. “This guy looks like he’s up to no good or on drugs or something”, he says. “He’s wearing a dark hoodie or grey hoodie”, he says. “He’s got his hand in his waist band”, he continues. “These assholes, they always get away”, he says with some exasperation. Then he says, “He’s running”, and you can hear what seems like him getting out of his car and following him on foot. Now, here is the key, the dispatcher asks, “Are you following him?”, and he answers, “Yes”, to which the dispatcher says, “OK we don’t need you to do that”…… They then talk about where the police should meet him, and based upon what the dispatcher is saying, he wants the guy to stay put in front of the mail boxes so that he can meet up with the police. Oh, by the way, he used the words…”f#*king Coons”.
Now in a separate incident in Detroit, “Fat Mike”, to which the victim was known by was killed over a disputed price of a condom. A condom, which cost $1.50. A condom, to which if Rick Santorum had his way, would be illegal because you’re only suppose to have sex to pro-create while married, not have sex for the pleasure of it, and especially being unmarried. Anyway, “Fat Mike” wanted the condom for a $1.00.  After demanding his money back, the cashier refused, which sent “Fat Mike” into a tantrum and he proceeded to knock items off the shelves on his way out. Then, in an overreaction, the cashier came from behind bullet proof class, shot him and ended up killing him due to the injury of the bullet wound. What do these two recent incidence have in common with each other? Nothing, and everything.
I feel for the loss of the young man’s life. I feel for the loss to the mother and father of Trayvon. Trayvon was killed with a bag of skittles and an Arizona ice tea in his hand. I also feel equally the loss of “Fat Mike’s” life. The price of a condom or even more specifically the difference in price to which “Fat Mike” was willing to pay, which was .50 cents should not be something to lose your life for. In both instances, the two people killed where black, and their killers were Hispanic and Chaldean.
Florida has a law, to which is called, “Stand your ground”. Passed in 2005. Before the law was passed you had the ability to retreat when confronted with the use of deadly force by someone. After the law was passed, which was pushed by the NRA in a Republican dominated legislature, you can stand your ground when you “feel” you’re life is threatened with deadly force. Now, I’m not against being able to carry a concealed weapon when after you’ve proven worthy to do so, but it does carry a huge responsibility. Police are trained to use measurable force with dealing with individuals in situations that may require to incapacitate a person, most citizens who are carrying concealed weapons don’t. The citizen is probably not carrying pepper spray. The citizen is not carrying a taser. And, the citizen has not been trained to rise above their human frailty of bias, bigotry, prejudice, and racism ( with an echo ).
George Zimmerman’s life was not in danger. He was on neighborhood watch when he encountered Trayvon. From what I understand about neighborhood watches, to which I have been apart of, you’re not suppose to carry a weapon. It’s a watch, not enforcement. Now, he approached Trayvon with the intentions to start something with him. Zimmerman did not have pepper spray, a taser, or handcuffs. He had a gun, and, in his mind, he had the grounds to use it.
The condom incident happened in Detroit, to which many episodes like this has happened over the years. I had a friend, who at the age of 14, was shot in the back by an off duty police officer, for allegedly stealing a bag of potato chips, by a rogue cop on the Hamtramck, Michigan police force who got word of the chips being stolen by a cashier. He then tracked them down, came out of the car holding his weapon, and fired. My friend almost died on the operating table and lost the use of his right arm.  I had two encounters with the same cop, one with him using the “N” word at me and pointing his finger in my face, and the other with his pearl handled .357 magnum (he was a cheap pimp) pointed at my head asking me do I want a bullet in my head.
Now, “Fat Mike” did not have the right to knock some items off the shelf, that was wrong. But, to come out from behind bullet proof glass with the intent to shoot someone is not the way to handle it either. Both men, Zimmerman and the store clerk had a perceived threat of a black man, and both of them used deadly force to resolve their bigotry. Now, if Florida law cannot protect citizens like Trayvon, then the United States Government has to come in and charge Zimmerman with a civil rights violation and also misuse of a law that was “ment” to allow citizens to protect themselves with deadly force. The stand your ground law is flawed because it’s a shoot first, ask question later law. “Oh, he was black and had a hoodie on and looked threatening to me, I felt my life was in danger so I took his life”. What? WTF is that?
The pictures of Trayvon show him as a handsome young man who played football, probably full of potential, and, just headed to his father’s fiance’s house. But, to the perception of a gun toting Hispanic yah-hoot, he was a hoodie wearing black man who always gets away with stuff and is a dirty dog. That’s what he called Trayvon, a dirty dog. Just as “Fat Mike” was perceived as a black man not wanting to pay for his item, so I’m going to keep his money, and shoot him.
We have to teach are young men to be careful after the age of 12. For most black men, that when all this hatred for you starts. For me, it was with the police as well as citizens. It was if I had a big target on my chest. It didn’t matter the community I was in, it was always the same, I’m stopping or harassing you because you’re black. Even now, I had to deal with an incident that occurred at a gym I workout at. An altercation occurred on the basketball court, tempers flared, someone called the police and said a black man was going to his car to get a weapon, and when I walked out of the gym to go home, BAM! the sheriff’s department pulled their weapon on me and told me to get my hands on car.
I’m not interested it race relations anymore, things are too fractured. If you like me you like me, if you don’t you don’t, I’m not in the business in trying to get you to understand me, a black man. So Rick Santorum, your racial bias towards African American troubles me deeply, and it is in no way could I ever consider you to be President of the United States, your racial bias adds to the problems of race in this country. Newt, your characterization of our current African American President as well as African American in general adds to this racial divide in this country  I am only interested in educating young men to the dangers, and I mean freakin’ dangers out there in the world because you’re male, and because you’re black. That means doing our homework. Raising young black men to be responsible. Raising them with a strong sense to get their education, and start their own business, not to get a job. And, that my friends are going to take some work by the black community. Yep all yall educated black folks who have moved on, and not given poorer communities a second thought. Drugs, poverty, poor education, prison,  and a sense of not having any future is prohibiting our race of valuing young black men. The only way to get out of this perception is for us to change it. To value “us”.  And if we don’t value “us”, how do we expect the Zimmermans of the world to respect us…..

My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon, and “Fat Mike”… and all other people killed for reasons that don’t justify loosing your life for.  May you get justice for the crimes committed against them.

Oh, and what about the possibility of a police coverup?… hmmmm.


3 comments on “Trayvon Martin and Fat Mike….

  1. Jeff Herman
    March 23, 2012

    Your credibility went out the window in the third sentence with the word “THUG”. CLICK

    • thinkofone
      March 23, 2012

      Thank God we live in a Constitutional Republic and allows freedom of speech, and values ideas and statements that make sense, otherwise I’d have to throw myself out of a window because I didn’t measure up to your standards of credibility. What we have here is a case of cowboy thuggery applied to a neighborhood watch. Key word, “watch”. If you know anything about it, or have served in your neighborhood watch group, you are suppose to observe and report, not observe, engage, and kill. The reason why “Don’t back down” doesn’t work is because it allow you an out in the event you start something, or be a aggressor in a disputed event to claim your life was in danger. If the young man rolled up on him and endangered his life then I have no problem with it, but that was not the case. Here are several thing you need to understand:
      1 – neighborhood watch groups do not carry weapons. When you form a watch group, the police explicitly tell you this.
      2 – He was told by the dispatcher to don’t follow him.
      3 – He need to give cause to leave his vehicle and confront Treyvon.
      4 – Once Treyvon was confronted, he has explain what happened to cause him to use lethal force.

      When getting your CCW, you are suppose to treat it with respect, and try to avoid situations instead of rushing into them. The CCW along with the “Stand your ground” law is ment for defensive measure, and now the cowboy thuggery the individual used. I stand by my statement based upon the “FACTS” I’ve heard so far, and how it should be interpreted by the law….

  2. Brian Davies
    March 26, 2012

    To say the hoody somehow invited murder is like saying a woman in a miniskirt invites rape. Patently ridiculous and blaming the victim. If Mr. Zimmerman did what he is alleged to have done, he should be in prison for life.

    That said…
    If anyone out there doesn’t think there is a PROBLEM with young men deliberately copying the dress, the lingo and the attitudes (toward women, society and education) of prisoners and gang-bangers, you are part of a huge problem. Is it really ironic that Jesse Jackson, himself, confessed to feeling fearful when a young black man was walking behind him at night? I don’t most people would be fearful of that young man if he were dressed in a button-down shirt and nice pants. When people DELIBERATELY look the part of someone idle and out for trouble, why is anyone surprised that society is fearful? If you wear a white sheet and hood, you can expect to be regarded as potential trouble; ditto for the gangbanger ensemble.

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