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A call to arms!


“A call to arms I say again, A call to arms!”, the senator said. “We Americans should be leading the cause here!”, he says again, recalling his distant and fading swagger. “We should be fighting all the wars we want, we have the military might to do it with, we are Americans!”, he says.

Sounds vaguely familiar doesn’t it? Actually it sounds like a similar battle cry from the movie 300, one of my favorite movies. “Spartanssssss, what do you do for a living?”, “Kill!, Kill!, Kill!”, they respond in unison. That was one of the greatest lines of the movie, and also tragic. King Leonidas of Sparta knew of the coming battle. He knew it would probably be hopeless, but he was defending his country, their way of life, their existence. The battle of Thermopylae was a tragic and true story. The above battle cry is an exaggeration, but not too far off from Senator John McCain, who want to get the United States into another hopeless battle in the Middle east. In Syria. Where there current leader, President Bashar Assad is cracking down on what is an extension of the Arab Spring, that started last year. The United Nations estimates that more than 7,500 Syrians have been killed, with hundreds more fleeing to neighboring nations to avoid the slaughter.


Thanks God Senator John McCain was not elected President. We’d be in four wars right now. We’d be fighting our asses off. We would be trying to recall past glories of Theodore Roosevelt and his rough riders or taking an elephant gun to Africa and shooting any and every large animal in sight. The world has changed. Going to war or trying to police the world has never been done before, and we certainly cannot do it now. The United States is a paper tiger, and John McCain doesn’t seem to realize it. John McCain would have kept troops in Iraq. John McCain would have tripled down in Afghanistan. John McCain would have lead the charge in to Libya, and, John McCain would have taken his cause to Congress and the American people as to why we should do a no fly zone in Syria and start the bombing runs before invading them. John McCain needs to retire. His time and his way of thinking is over. He’s valiantly served his country many moons ago when he was in the military. I don’t call an election cycle after election cycle in office as a senator “serving” your country. You’re doing your job that you were elected to do. You’re getting paid for it. And, your customer is the American people. You’re not serving your customer very wisely… Senator.

Let’s look at a quick and dirty overview of the country of Syria. Here we go again, a country which won it’s independence from the fence sitters, the French in 1946 which was obtained from the demise of the Ottoman Empire. It is a  Ba’athist, Single-party state. Was once on the side of the Soviet Union during the cold war, and still has ties to Russia, and China. Was once part of the vast Ottoman Empire, which also imploded during the mid 1920’s. Don’t get me wrong, Syria, or the land which we are talking about, has been occupied and has a rich culture dating back to 3000 BC and perhaps before that. So much of an extremely limited history lesson of a country and area more deserving. On to my point.

Syria is going to have to solve it’s own problems, or, let the Arab League solve their own problem. Those problem may lead to unrest and people dying. But, that will give them a fighting chance to initiate change in their country, and will appreciate it more. Death my friends is something unavoidable, whether it’s by natural causes or by a bullet. The politics of the Muslim world is something we should let them struggle with and, come to terms with. We’d be coming to the rescue of a people who wouldn’t want us their anyway. Bin Laden did not have a cause against the United States until we moved our military might to Saudi Arabia, his homeland when we fought the first Desert Storm war against Iraq to liberate  Kuwait. We’d be opening up a new door and a new cause to hate an already hated America. Do you think that the hawkish Republicans really, really care about the 7,500 that have died at the hands of President Assad?

To answer that question, no they are not. They are in a election year and they want to do anything to make President Obama appear weak and indecisive. Bomb Iran, air strikes in Libya, and no negotiation with North Korea. Lead by bombing, and not diplomacy. Well, Syria has a pretty good air defense, not that we cannot destroy it, but it is pretty good. They have chemical weapons. And, there would be a strong possibility that we would have to put boots on the ground there to stop the fighting. So, is anyone in the country really interested in going in another unilateral war.. again? Have we learned yet from our most recent history?

I use to like Senator McCain. I thought he got a raw deal during the Republican primaries during his run for President for 2000. But his time is past. The throws of leaderships have been passed on to someone else, and up to this point, he’s been pretty damn good. It’s time to stop trying to help whomever the Republican can come up with to run against President Obama, and follow his lead. Cool, calm, collected, thoughtful, and smart.


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