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Afghanistan and the Taliban…

A “secret report” has just become un-secret, stating that the Taliban expect to get back into power once the United States leaves Afghanistan. Strange, somehow I knew this even before the “secret report” became un-secret. The “secret report” was put together by NATO.  NATO is the North American Treaty Organization, not Nato Jenkins (I hope you got that). The Taliban, seem to be getting funding by selling the opium, which, strangely enough, was once banned by the Taliban themselves. Opium contains up to 12% morphine, an alkaloid, which is frequently processed chemically to produce heroin for the illegal drug trade, if you didn’t know that. Heroin has been on the rise in western Europe as well as the United States… Hmmmmm, the plot thickens. The Taliban also receives funding by guess who… Pakistan, are so-called partner on the war on terrorism.

Soon, probably in a year or two, the United States is going to leave Afghanistan, and the Taliban take back control of the country, they are just waiting us out, and bleeding us slowly in the process. Last year, there was something going around, something called the “Arab Spring”. In it, people began to protest peacefully for their rights, and for their dictators to get out of the way. These people “fought” or stood up for their… FREEDOM, and their RIGHTS, and they won. The United States is in Afghanistan at this very moment, “fighting” for the sake of freedom for the people of Afghanistan, and for the security concerns the country had when it was run by the Taliban.

It’s time to get out NOW, and move on. Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaeda is diminished or dead in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is of no strategic importance. Lets not kid ourselves about the Taliban, their treatment of woman is repulsive, but, guess what, that’s what you get when you interpret Islam in its most strict form. If the people of Afghanistan want a change, then they should have an “Arab Spring” of their own and take charge of their own destiny. Would people die in an “Arab Spring” in Afghanistan? Yep… Otherwise, they will be just what they’ve been for hundreds of years now, an occupied country that cannot get on  its feet because of foreign rule. Freedom has a price, and guess what color it usually is? RED.  What do you think?


3 comments on “Afghanistan and the Taliban…

  1. omalone1
    December 12, 2012

    G Wiz, I will surely look into this piece as I would like to understand the origin of this phrase “40 acres” and see if there is any (much) substnace.

    • thinkofone
      December 12, 2012

      Interesting. You left a comment about my 40 acres on my commentary on Afghanistan and the Taliban? A mistake or am I suppose to read anything into that? Interesting picture, I’m sure you chose it for shock value, I’m not hating, I’m just saying. It doesn’t bother me, but may offend others. I’ve read some of your blogs, pretty interesting, but I’ve noticed, why the fixation on black culture? Or probably in your opinion, lack of any…. I’m assuming you’re British, so you’re probably unaware of 40 acres and a mule. If you didn’t get an answer from my blog, google 40 acres and a mule….Peast

      • omalone1
        December 13, 2012

        yes indeed, London based fellow here. I am aware of the forty acres. In fact, the people over here perhaps know “your” history better than the “Americans” know theres. It is a combination of oppression and compensation as over here, the veil of viersity conceals the exclusion which forms hte basis of the invisible racial divide, whilst the externalised focus on Ameria serves to apologise for this concealment by misdirecting atention.

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