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Debt Ceiling Solved….

 The Republicans are going to pay dearly for their despicable behavior. I would have never had to resort to calling House Speaker John Boehner a “liar”, but, he is. The Tea baggers didn’t even exist before President Obama came to office, so I know there agenda is nothing less than what it says it is, if they truly had a concern for the country and its spending behavior, it would have revealed itself long before President Obama came to power.

Any Senator or Congress person who is willing to burn the house down ( our country ) in order for the sake of placating to the tea party and risk ruining the US reputation of its AAA rating as well as tipping the world back into a recession should be declared a traitor to his/her country and impeached. The real solution is the following:

Void the Bush tax cuts immediately. Raise the debt ceiling. Then, and only then, Congress can work on a true and long lasting solution as a balanced spending and revenue raising solution to our country’s issues when it comes to deflect spending. The current climate is too polarizing to get anything done. And, even if there is a “framework” that they keep talking about to work with, those “frameworks” won’t pass either house in the coming days.  Too much finger pointing, too many “Children” trying to do a man and woman’s job in leading this country. It makes no sense in trying to produce a “grand deal” in this climate as well as this minimal time frame….

Republican leadership who’s names will be remembered in infamy…

Bohner – All he’s been doing is working on his tan, and placating to the tea party.

Eric Cantor – Blue blood who has never had to work for anything except his family business. He’s the real devil in all of this. Do you really think he knows what it takes to start from scratch?

Mitch McConnell – Rubber stamp Republican who has nothing but the word “no” in his vocabulary…

I’m just a regular citizen of this country. If I can solve the debt ceiling crisis, why can’t they?


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2011 by in Politics.
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