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What is a coach’s Job?……

In sports, a coach or manager is an individual involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople. This type of coach gets involved in all the aspects of the sport, including physical and mental player development. Sports coaches train their athletes to become better at the physical components of the game. The coach is assumed to know more about the sport, and have more previous experience and knowledge. The coach’s job is to transfer as much of this knowledge and experience to the players to develop the most skilled athletes.”

Amen, Amen… and Amen

So, there you have it, a clean antiseptic definition of what a coach is, and what his responsibilities are. But, the main thing the above definition lacks is several things which I have learned over the years when it comes to coaching. The thing missing the most in the definition above is …. PASSION. It’s more than just instructing. It’s more than knowledge transfer.  It’s coming up with a formula for success off and on  the field by leading by examples instruction, motivation, dedication, hard work, dedication and giving life lessons of knowledge and experiences you can use, both on the field, and off. A coach’s job is simple. A player’s job is a level of responsibility that takes you to a place that’s beyond measure.

What is a player’s Job

As a player, it’s more than just wanting to win, but, it’s making a choice of not losing any more. It’s a choice of getting tired of losing, hating losing, and despising losing. In fact, the expectation of losing is not even an option. A football player is one who gives maximum effort on every single play. 90% effort for a football player is not enough. Neither is 99%. 100%, then some, it’s the only way. It’s a transformation of oneself from a mild mannered gentleman off the field, to a team effort maniac once on the field. You have to learn to transform yourself!

The above comments are a proven commodity in football. They are proven, over and over again during a football season. They are proven in the classroom, and in your homework. They are proven in the off season, while lifting weights. They are proven when you give respect towards your parents. And at the end of a day, you can ask yourself these core values, the values you have subscribed to at the beginning of every season you play – did I play hard on every play? Did I give it my best effort?  Did I help my teammates out in every way possible?  And did I leave everything on the field.   The only way to get better is to practice, and the only way to practice is to practice hard and playing the game even harder.

Through the hard work, your sweat equity, and your determination, you begin to develop something. You develop something inside of you that no coach can give you.  You can read about it in the Bible, in the Koran. You can read about people fighting for the right to be free from tyranny, marching for civil rights, and in the historical literature depicting of battles won and lost, fighting for true causes or misplaced ideologies.  Something begins to guide you along the way regardless of the situation. It’s the word, the word that has so much meaning behind it, yet, you can hardly describe it. That word is… COURAGE.

Courage is sort of like an atom, you cannot see it, but you know it’s there.  Courage is the driving force of all of nature, because when you lack it, you become cannon fodder, a pork chop. A lamb thrown in the lion’s den, waiting for the slaughter that’s about to come.  All the instruction in the world won’t help you. All of the technique in the world won’t save you. In fact, you can talk yourself out of any courageous action, but letting fear rule your life. Fear is the enemy. Fear is to be despised and hated. Fear is something no football player should ever expire to.  There are no two things to hate and that is: The fear to succeed and LACK of courage to win.  Here are some examples of fear, or, the lack of COURAGE:

  •         Missing a block
  •         Not running hard
  •         Expecting to lose
  •         Not concentrating when catching the ball
  •         Unable to will yourself a win
  •         Can’t wait until the game is over
  •         Playing football for a credit hour instead of for the love of it
  •         Lack of teamwork
  •         Lackadaisical attitude
  •         Passionless

 There is only one thing missing after finding COURAGE, and that is FAITH. Faith helps you walk on water. Faith helps you have the COURAGE to succeed when all others think you’re going to fail. Faith believes in oneself because:

The man who believes in himself and the man who doesn’t are both right…. DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES?!

You already have faith, it’s a matter of which “faith” you’re going to live by…

 Sound like a sermon? It might be, and… I might be preachin’ to you….


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