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I think therefore I AM A NEGRO….

Rene Descartes, “discovered” the proof of existence the in his now famous statement,
“I think therefore I exist”. It was a profound philosophical statement, especially
coming from the father of Calculus. It was simplistic and clean. What it tried to describe
is the proof of the  substance of existence, and, that if we are able to think, we must be alive,and that if we are alive, we must be in a cognitive sense of reality that doesn’t exist in your mind, or some kind of dream state, that somehow, you are conscious, and you exist. 

So I’m willing to take it a step further. Now that I know that I exist, I must exist in some kind of state, and because I came into existence on my birthday, I must be thinking, because even at birth, although my mind was fresh and new, I must have been thinking because I existed, I think…. What was I thinking? I have to freakin’ idea.

So since I was born in a  state of existence, one of the first things in this existence was to label me, so I was issued a birth certificate, and on that certificate is my name, my father’s name, my mother’s name, and my designation of existence. That designation, in May of 1961 was a Negro.

Actually designated a Negro, by default, because  I’m a product of Both my father and  mother who are Negros, according to my birth record. That’s what they called us back then… 

But wait a minute, the President just released the long form of his birth certificate and
President Obama’s  father’s designation was different. His father’s designation on his birth certificate says he was African.   Wait a minute, this can’t be. It was 1961, and there
wasn’t a sense of cultural diversity yet. It did not exist.  No body was trained to call anyone of color an African, how could they with all the Japanese, Samoans, Hawaiians, and
other races who were living in Hawaii at the time.

So, President Obama’s designation must be false. The long form of the certificate must be a
forgery, a lie, a falsehood according to the birthers. He really must be a Mulatto  because he can’t be a caucasian. But maybe he’s a Muslim because you know those Muslims come of the womb already Muslim. But,  he can’t be a Mulatto because it was racially insensitive  to call anyone that in 1961. For that matter, racial insensitivity didn’t exist yet either, so being aware of that was purely in a dream state because you only exist “because you think” and you could not have thought that yet because it was 1961.
By the way my grandfather was mulatto, but that was 1893, and it was OK to call
someone who was of mixed race  back then. They had already thought of it.They were only a few decades past emancipation, remember that?

So now the big question, according to “The Birthers”, how come Obama is not called a Negro on his birth certificate? Well I have an answer that will satisfy all of you doubters, including the biggest birther of them all, The CRUMP. Simply put, it because of race. Race is the real problem in this once great land. Race is the real issue that won’t go away. President Obama could create a time machine, have it display his actual birth as it happened, and they still wouldn’t get it. It’s because of race that a U. S. Senator spoke out during a Presidential speech. It’s because of race that he has been call a Kenyan anti-colonialist. It’s because of race that he has been referred to as light-skinned and speaks clearly. It’s because of race that they are now asking for his SAT scores. It’s because of race that they have been saying he’s an illigitimate President after winning an election. I’m not saying all white people are racist, but, I am saying an element of the Republican base cannot live with the FACT they have an intelligent President who is African-American. But, what do I know, I’m only black, according to CRUMP.

Birthers did not exist until 2008 – Did not exist until then because they didn’t want to acknowledge our President.

Tea baggers did not exist until 2009 – They didn’t exist all during the Bush administration, which is astonishing. They don’t exist for fiscal responsibility, to which if they were really serious, they would have gotten upset long ago, long before we voted in a African-American President.

By the way, CRUMP is stuck in a time warp. For a teaching moment to him and those who think like him, here is the evolution of African-Americans in this country:

The “N” word was basically used to describe slaves in this country from 1619 to 1856 which was replaced by the word “NEGRO”, in the United States which was widely accepted by other slave trading nations such as Spain and Portugal.  “NEGRO” was widely accepted after emancipation.

The word “BLACK”, which is what NEGRO means in other languages had begun to replace “NEGRO” during the Civil Rights movement. But, “BLACK” did nothing to describe our heritage, or origins. So, in the late 80’s, “African-American” was used and widely accepted amongst people of color in the U.S. who could trace their roots to slavery.

Peace Mickey Fickey – I don’t think Rene or I need to translate that for you….


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