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Libya+ Earthquake+Tsunami+ Nuclear disaster =

There is a lot going on here. So much that one subject matter doesn’t outweigh the other. If you focus on one, the other looks like a huge neglected elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss. So, here is it all in a nutshell, raw and unfiltered.

The concerns for Libya and its future. Let them fight it out. Let the best (armed) group win. So what if Kaddafi stays in power? Going in there for humanitarian aid is such a joke President Obama. If that’s the case, then what about Sudan? What about Liberia? What about Somalia? And, let’s not forget Rwanda with over a million civilian casualties. I realize all the prior mentioned human tragedies did not happen under the Obama administration. But President Obama has to be as much as a historian as well as a visionary for the future. War is like cancer, some only spread locally while others spread dramatically. The history of WWI, which contained all the mix of militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism, was started with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serb is a perfect example.  So instead of treaties or territory, we went in for the sake of human suffering from a “reformed” dictator. My favorite line is, “Once a dictator, always a dictator”. Most of the countries that do business with him (Kaddafi) know what he is, but they continued doing business anyway. When he gave up seeking nuclear weapons and stuck out an olive branch, everyone joined the party. “We will buy your oil, and you will buy our weapons and heavy machinery!” What a freakin’ novel idea! The EU, France, Italy, UK, Spain, and a few others have been selling weapons to him for years. He’s been in power for over 40 years and does not plan on leaving, period. Mubarak may have been a dictatorship gone wrong but at least he continued Sadat’s attempt for peace in the region, and provided leadership in the spineless Arab League. Mubarak’s problem was he treated his people badly by imposing a state of emergency since Sadat was murdered. He didn’t introduce reforms at a pace that satisfied his constituency, and, he got rich off of the backs of his people without sharing the wealth.  But in the end, Mubarak decided the country of Egypt was bigger than him. He left with minimal damage to his country or his people. McCain’s point about the U.S. spending 500 billion dollars on the military budget a year, carrying out wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that it can manage a no fly zone in Libya is not the point. The point is, we can’t afford it ( oh, sounds familiar doesn’t it, it’s the only language the Republicans know when it comes to managing a budget), it’s another Arab/Islamic state that we have invaded, it’s fueling support for gouging oil prices, and whoever we end up supporting will hate us anyway. Has anyone told the Libyans that democracy is a slow methodical process? Have you noticed Russia and China sitting on the sidelines? Do you know why? Because they want to see the US bleed and spend money that it doesn’t have. Solutions: Kaddafi wins, and you alienate him. Don’t do business with him, sanction him and use the United Nothings… ooops, the United Nations to enforce it. Don’t buy his oil. Another solution is, if you want the oil that bad, stop with all the coy deceptions, create a separate state within Libya that supplies oil to the Mediterranean region and use the mercenary company for hire – Blackwater to protect the assets of it. Sounds Medieval huh? Sounds like good old imperialism huh? Sounds like a hired professional army? What do you think we are doing now?

Let’s not forget, the Arab world is going through its own revolution. What is occurring is a sea of change that may take it one way or another. If they ask for help, which the Arab league did is one thing, but for all the wrong reasons. Let the Arab League use some of its internal political power on its own. Let them work it out without any external intervention. We are only there because of oil, not because of some cultural revolution that we want to bring all humanity to the table for the sake of a better human experience on this planet. We are too dumb yet to engage in such higher thinking. We are there for oil and the wealth and riches that come from it, period. Remember that….

The Earthquake

Nothing you can do about this but help. Using current technology, there is no early warning system that can detect earthquakes outside of knowing there is internal pressure building up from one tectonic plate sliding beneath another (subduction), and recording the pressure building up under forces that man has no control over. The cities that have been constructed over the years near these tectonic plates can’t be moved, they can only be reinforced with quake proof structures. Lessons learned from the last quake? Do not locate any Nuclear reactor near these zones. And, those that are there, plan for the known and for the unknown. That’s hard to do because from a quote from the great comedian George Carlin, “The earth can shake us off of it like a bad case of the flees”.  Solution? There is none, outside of building structures that can withstand an earthquake and proper distance from water. I already know, you need to have a source of water to run a nuclear facility. So just run pumps from your water source to the plant. Make sure you have a battery supply that lasts more than eight hours. How unfortunate for everyone, including the majority of Japanese people who live around that area.

Japan Tsunami 2011

Similar to “The Earthquake” there is nothing you can do about it besides set up early warning stations in the water as well as on land. There is no stopping a wall of water. If a quake sends a wave that big then you know it was a big quake. Clearly this was the most destructive aspect of this disaster, and will takes years to recover from.

Potential Nuclear disaster

There is some humbling irony to the potential for this. Japan is the only country where nuclear weapons were used on a combatant. Now, they are facing a Chernobyl or worse type of disaster. It compounds on what was already a very large disaster, the Tsunami. The earthquake was not as bad, considering Japan’s building codes are fairly strict. The main reason why this plant has the potential to go critical is because of generators were flooded out, and given the effect of the Tsunami, it compounded the repair as well as the Japanese reluctance to tell the truth about the power plants damage assessment. Actually, considering the damage done to the nuclear plant so far, there has been little death, and little spread of toxic nuclear pollution to this point. In China last year, the number of miners who died digging for coal has reached 250,000 since 1949. Nuclear power is here to stay, but at what cost. Well let me give you a startling number. It costs 1 billion dollars to build a nuclear power plant. Money that you never recoup to generate electricity. As of now many countries who had plans to ramp up there nuclear plant footprint will now scale back for at least 10 years or more.

As I said, there is  a lot going on here….

Peace Mickey Fickey….


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