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Your problem is, a cookie…

I like the movie The Matrix. It spoke to so many things. It reached down into your soul and brought out a sense of being. It has famous great lines in it. It was life changing. It made you look at the world different.  bla, bla, bla…

OK, let’s get real. It was just great with a clean well written screenplay,  and, it was just a movie. But there was a line, a more subtle line in the movie that was said, and some how hold true to real life. And it all involves a cookie.

Now, stay with me, cause this is going to “wet your noodle”. Morpheus and Neo go see
the Oracle. She is in the projects, with a room full of potential “Neo’s” and  baking cookies
in the kitchen. She’s having a conversation with Neo, and, she lowers the boom on him. He’s
going to have to make a choice in the near future, whether to save himself, or save Morpheus. The choice he makes will determine who lives and who dies. Plus, she just informed him that he was not “The One”. You know, that person that Morpheus had been searching for in the movie, sort of like a savior who does not know he’s here to save the world.

Neo is now depressed. He’s disappointed, disillusioned, and he’s kinda “DDD” out. To which comes the other subtle line, “Here, have a cookie, and after you eat it, you’ll feel much better”. How many times have you seen this in real life? Trust me, I’ve seen it too many times. The football team I coached this past season would get their asses handed to them, and after a somber ride home on the bus, they’d go home, fire up the xbox or PS3, and off to la, la land they would go. Some form of entertainment would pacify them, and soon enough, that ass kicking didn’t feel so bad anymore. They felt better. They had been pacified. They had their cookie….

The same thing goes on in real life. We, who live in the United States have been pacified. Many of us exist in a state of a low-level Valium junkie, been feed enough of it to numb your senses, and your grip on reality. California is on the brink of making Marijuana legal. Now personally, I don’t do drugs, never have.  But the war on drugs is failing, and the drug cartels have control of portions of Mexico. They fighting it out down to have easy access to move drugs to its biggest customer, the United States. Somehow, people think that legalizing it will create revenue, solve the drug problem similar to prohibition. By the way, alcohol kills more people than all other illegal drugs combined.

But somehow, aren’t we just baking a bigger cookie? Aren’t we just giving ourselves another legal way to take ourselves away from reality by taking drugs or drinking alcohol in excess in the first place? Are drugs and alcohol just another cookie?

By the way so is ignoring the fact we still have an energy issue. By not having a national energy policy aren’t we just eating a bit of the cookie by ignoring it while we still depend on countries who don’t have our best interest in mind to continue to supply us oil instead of having a national policy of getting off the oil tip? Is our non energy policy just another cookie?

The tea baggers, I mean tea party, aren’t they just doing nothing but spreading fear and hate such as wanting to take their country back, but yet offer no solutions? There real problem is, they just can’t deal with a Black President. And get real, if Sarah Palin is still running around the country saying things she doesn’t even understand, and people are following her, aren’t they just taking another cookie?

Our world rank for educating children is nothing to write home about. While we are too busy watching American Idol, other countries are fast at work, not just taking your general labor and manufacturing jobs away but also your high-tech engineering and computer jobs. Aren’t you just taking another cookie?

The biggest robbery in the United States just happened over the last five years and we still don’t quite understand what happened. The great recession, which brought the United States to almost the point of no return has been benefiting those who have real money. They are not being evicted from their homes. They are not facing foreclosure. They are not looking for a job in a stagnant economy. So while we watched congress call in all the bankers and asked them what the hell were they doing, that sat on the same money that was given to them by the government to fix the real estate mess. BofA is still foreclosing on homes, and so are many other banks, yet, their stock and bottom line keeps rising. While
we sat and watched Bernie Madoff and others like him go to jail we were really eating cookies while the real crooks got away. We all ate a big cookie on this.

So I don’t know what to tell you more than this; You’re eating a cookie, and somehow you need to wake up to reality, stop pacifying yourself, get into the real world and make a difference. Figure out what that cookie is, understand it, and, if necessary,  stop eating it.

Peace… ya cookie eatin’ Mickey Fickeys….

Oh, by the way, the tea baggers are dangerous. Currently, they are a extreme right-wing group, and kinda tolerated by general public. But, they only lack one thing, which is a charismatic leader, one who can sway an audience, similar to President Obama did to sway middle ground voters to vote for him. If you have doubts, look up how Adolf Hitler came to power….


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