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Call Me Mr. Visine….

Call Me Mr. Visine . . . .

At times, when “race” is brought up as discussion among whites to other races, thephrase or stance most often taken is “I don’t see Color”! This to me, is right up there with “America is a Melting Pot”. If their belief is that a person’s race is “colorless”, the assumption must be, we are as “one” culturally, religiously, etc., etc..

Let me first state that the phrase “I don’t see color is as disrespectful as they come. Case in point, if I come over to date a white guys daughter, you can bet his vision will clear up so fast, that he will call me “Mr. Visine”. Hell, even Ray Charles can see that. To deny me this, is ignoring who I am as an individual. I am more than what you see on the outside. Just as with a book which must be opened (see conversation), I am words, pages, chapters that you will never be privy to, with your stunted intelligence. My “color”, upon an introduction, should be recognized, respected and not placed in any preconceived, stereotypical categories.

Secondly, the term “America is a Melting Pot” makes the weak point that all cultures melt into this “Eurocentric” way of life. NOT! America is, in essence, a “Salad Bowl”. each ingredient with its’ distinct flavor, but working together to create that which is accepted, while maintaining indiviuality.

In conclusion, I am sure when the various immigrants first came here, there were no “check your culture at the Door” signs. America has always offered what was not from that which the immigrant came from. The ability to be that which is called “American” in this “tapestry” of cultures, of the New Land, while maintaining who “you are”. So, sign on for regular vision exams, to maintain your 20×20, to avoid “color blindness”.



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This entry was posted on October 19, 2010 by in Inner thoughts.
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