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Beware of the Black Racist and the Kenyan anti-colonial worldview


According to the urban dictionary, this is the definition of a black racist:

Any bigoted black person, prejudiced against another race, purely on the basis of skin color A black person who uses racial slurs against other races, particularly against white people.

There is a new agenda going on in the ultra/hyper conservative slice of the world. It’s called “expose those black racists”.  Their aim is clearly focused, which is very cliche in the African-American community. It is also putting the face of color on the election, something they could not seem to divide the strong across the board (black, white, Latino, women, young, gay, etc) following of President Obama.

The Republicans seem to “think” they have finally found a few things they can latch onto for the next oncoming midterm election. They helped water down the stimulus package and now claim that it has failed. They are going after key Senate and Congressional seats that voted for healthcare and stimulus spending. Sarah Palin’s social media attack on the Democrats, tea bagger advocate and associating unbridled government spending to President Obama. By her obtaining funding for speeches around the country, she can endorse the tea baggers on key and non divisive issues; endorse selected Republican governors and other key Republican seats going into the midterm elections.  They are also flooding the Sunday political shows with Newt Gingrich, who has written a new book targeting the Democrats, and who is now outside of government, and not being held to any task as far as helping fix any challenges of the country.

They try to block every key initiative issue the President has put forth, not because of any other reason but try to paint him as a one term President who is not addressing the issues, spending too much money, acts like an old style liberal Democrat who favors spending without any way to fund it ( have you forgotten? The U.S. is fundamentally broke!).  Lately, Newt Gingrich has also labeled President Obama as something that is indescribable, or even worse, having a Kenyan anti-colonial worldview.  Now I had to look that up on Google before I commented on that statement. For one reason, Newt Gingrich, for all his faults, is a very intelligent person. At a recent conservative summit in Michigan, he suggested that Detroit be declared a tax-free zone, which would allow huge private sector investment into it. I thought that was a novel idea, and a good one, provided there are details to support such an idea. He also served in the US congress, and started a conservative movement called the “contract with America”.

But least not forget, Newt also has his own agenda which is to serve and grow the conservative movement he helped create. And many of the things he says are code words. Let’s look at the label Kenyan anti-colonial. First of all, the reference to Kenya is related to the fact that President Obama’s father was not a US citizen. Also, somehow, his father’s Kenyan roots have somehow filtered to President Obama, to which by the President’s own accounts, only spent a total of one month around his father at the age of 10 after leaving his family when Obama was 2. And finally, here comes the scary part, that these views that he has inherited from his father are somehow inbred and socialist behavior. The anti-colonial reference goes back to an America which was all white, and no citizens of color in it. Slaves at that time were only 3/5th of a man so wants to disassociate any “blackness” with America. But anti-colonialist? Please. George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers were anti-colonialists. They fought for a right to exist free of influence and taxation of their British colonial rule. Fast forward to the early 60’s when Kenya wanted freedom from their colonial oppressors, the term Kenyan anti-colonial description of their quest and fight for freedom was coined.

Once again I’m seeing a general disrespect of the office of the Presidency being disrespect because of one thing, his color. I don’t know what kind of roots Newt has, but say for instance, he was Irish. Could it then be said that Newt carries the war like qualities that produced hundreds of years of quarrelling with England, and that Newt’s ultimate plan is to bring a William Wallace type of legend to our government? Can’t you see it, Newt is of the same heritage as William Wallace and he also saw the movie. He’s ready to pick up his anti-colonial sword any day now.

So people like Newt, Palin and others, are bent on stirring up the fringe far right element of the conservatives.  They prime the pump by saying things like, “we want our country back”.  “We want fiscal responsibility”. “We are proud of our conservative values and our freedom of our faith in God”.  These are simple yet interesting statement which really translates into the following:

We want only OUR Christian values and the white people who have the same “values” as them.

When they say they want fiscal responsibility, what they really want is to end any “entitlement” program that does not fit their agenda. Welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, social security, Medicaid, etc. Oh, we can’t touch the military industrial complex. Oh, let’s not touch the department of agriculture, which is, by the way, up until the homeland security act, and was the largest subsidized part of the United States government.

And least not remember, a huge part of this problem is the black racists’ fault, lead by, of course, President Obama, according to their “reasoning” and 41 million dollar man Glen Beck. I find it quite interesting the Sarah Palin still exists – politically. She makes no sense. No agenda.  Does not adhere to any true Republican views and opinions (to which by the way is to say “no” to everything). All she really is, is a person who is an opportunists that had a book ghost written for her, a quitter as politician because she couldn’t take the heat, and a weak tea bagger rally speaker who rolls the dice on backing their next candidate. By the way, was she around when House Minority Leader John Boehner introduced the Republican Pledge to America? And by the way, once you get to congress and the senate, don’t you take an oath to America anyway???

And finally, when did Glen Beck become a preacher/priest/cleric/prophet /minister/reverend and why did he try to hijack Martin Luther King’s legacy? Hmmmmm, I don’t think Glen Beck could hold MLK’s jock strap, and he didn’t even play sports.  So finally, those “people” who have added another label to our elected President have added: Kenyan Anti-colonialist. On top of the following:

He wasn’t born here.

He’s a socialist.

He’s a secret Muslim, and like the Manchurian candidate, out to destroy America.

H e has aspirations that are very much like Hitler.

He’s an outsider.

He’s was a community organizer who doesn’t know anything about the business o the US.

He’s a Nationalist.

He’s a shade lighter and doesn’t speak like the rest of those Negros….

So who is really the black racist?

By the way, if you really want to check out what a Kenyan anti-colonialist is:

Perhaps Dinesh D’Souza and Newt should get married since they agree on something so far out in left field that Willie Mays couldn’t catch it. Finally, after reading my muted opinion, does the black racist fit our first Black President? I already know the answer….

Peace, Mickey Fickey….


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