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Yes, it’s because he’s black…

Back in the early 80’s, there was skit done by the Saturday Night live crew back in the day, it was called, “Is it because I am black?”.  It featured the great Bill Russell, the former great Boston Celtic center, first black NBA coach,  former olympian, two time NCAA champion, 11 time NBA champion, and activist. It featured him going around several different places and was refused service or other things, that subtilty  not based upon race, yet, were about race. Every time Bill would say that, they would retort and say, “Oh no, it’s not that”, and give a reason why they reacted to him in such a negative way.In the final scene of the skit, all of his detractor stood around him, and they all said to him simultaneously, “It’s because you’re black”.

Thing that have occurred only because Barak Obama ( a Black Man) has been elected President of the United States.

• The number of guns and ammunition went to record sales after President Obama was elected to office.

• A senator shouts out, “You lie” during the President’s state of the union address.

• A general and his staff member make disparaging remarks about the President and his staff.

• A senator apologizes to BP saying that President Obama “shook them down for 20 billion”. As if he’s some kind of pimp or con artist.

• Newt Gingrich comment that “the most radical president in American history,” he declared. “He has said, ‘I run a machine, I own Washington, and there is nothing you can do about it.'” Another shot, noted by CBS: “What we need is a president, not an athlete. Shooting three point shots may be clever, but it doesn’t put anybody to work.”

• Harry Reid ( a democrat) said privately that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” What kind of statement is that? I would first say its pre-1964, but, it may go back before 1900. Dang….

• The Republican Party inherited a 230 billion surplus when they came to power in the year 2000. Now they complain the government is spending too much money, which they are responsible for causing such a huge deficits.

• Picking a Michael Steele as the RNC chairman. The only reason why he got picked for this position is because President Obama of elected into office. How could anyone be so stupid into taking such a position? More importantly, how can a political party think that they could fool many conservative and moderately conservative African-Americans to support their party just because they picked a “token” to lead the RNC? Talk about “playing the race card” Steele will eventually get chewed up and spit out, just like JC Watts (did you forget about him?). Finally, do you think any conservative African-American would want Sarah Palin as vice president?

• Picking Sarah Palin as the republican choice as vice president. Sarah was at best a weak attempt by the republican party to give voters an alternative to the choice of Hillary Clinton not being picked as President Obama’s running mate. Because the republican party is the party of “No” and not the party of diversity, everyone, including McCain saw through this. In the end, all we got was Sarah Palin. Are you kidding me? Sarah Palin?

• Comparing President Obama to Hitler, and Lenin. This is something I find even more ridiculous. Hitler hated the Soviet Union, which were communists. He started a war with them that cost 20 million lives in the Soviet Union. So much for comparing President Obama to these two fatalistic leaders who were born out of the sweeping away of the old empires of the early 20th century.

• Another noteworthy African-American Republican Colin Powell has been rejected by the Republican Party because he made the CORRECT interpretation of who should be President. They threw him under the bus and train for that. They had already thrown him under the bus for not agreeing on the Iraq war, but, now he got permanent banishment by siding with President Obama.

• Has been repeatedly questioned about what “type” of African-American is he. He is has been characterized somehow of not black enough, even though the only way he could win the election was by being race neutral. He has also been accused of bring race into issues when there was clearly no issue ( to which I’m still trying to figure out the calculus on that!).

• Was questioned on his birthplace, his religion ( is he Muslim?), the church he attends, and his community activism.

Now I’m not even counting all the things the republican president of the United States (russ limbaugh) has said. I see no need to contribute to his cause, he is what he is.
But most of the actions or statements above are from Republican “type” people, save one (Harry Reid). But it’s not about political affiliation, it’s about race. And most of these comment and actions would not have happened to any other president, if he were w-h-i-t-e.

Yep, I said it, because all of this points to is race. So until we come out of our caves, and actually move into the 21st century (and I’m speaking to all races, religions, and countries) our politics, our wars, our way of life will be tainted by this ugly stain against humanity. We will never grow out of the bounds misconception, bigotry, colonial hangover, mistrust, social bias, social and political upheaval, unless we can get through this race issue. And I don’t mean some meaningless diversity class that is a bandage for corporations to mitigate the chance of a lawsuit involving racial discrimination.

The country voted an African-American as President. If the republican were smart, they would have cultivated a “real” African American candidate years ago. Remember when whispers of Colin Powell should run? They slapped that down immediately, especially when he spoke at the 1996 republican convention and spoke of affirmative action was a healthy thing that needed to be done. He was practically booed off stage. But who is the Republican party? Well, they are nothing but  a hijacked party consisting of the old guard of Dixiecrats  who have not gotten over the 1964 and 1965 legislation that paved the way for absolute freedom and equal footing for minorities and woman in this country.

While we are talking about our “black President”, It’s time to call a huddle of all black people. Time to say, getting voted to political office is getting us nowhere or at least nowhere as far as respect. The only real respect in this country is money. So, let’s start pooling all of our money together, purchase in large blocks to get deep discounts, and form our own business consortium and circulate dollars in our own communities.

Now lets look at a few things that he has done since President Obama has been in office:

• Saved the nation from a deep recession by shoring up the housing market and creating a stimulus package (which the Republicans sabotaged by limiting funding).

• Passed legislation for Wall Street and banking Reform (no easy task).

• Pass the Health care bill.

• Re-engaged the U.S. military in Afghanistan so we can get the hell out of there.

• Has virtually taken on everything that has come his way with vigor, and has succeeded.
So, President Obama, keep on doing what you do because you’re doing an outstanding job given the hand you have been dealt (To which every African-American regardless of party affiliation understands).

So, wake up America, you have a black President. And some of you out there are reacting to him, only because he’s black…..

Peace Mickey Fickey….


One comment on “Yes, it’s because he’s black…

  1. Sijaama Branch
    August 8, 2010

    Excellent article…finally someone is saying what we all know is true.

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