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Tennis, Venus, lingerie and….

Venus and lingerie?

I was little taken back by this photo as well as other photos of Venus at the French open. I’ve been following the Williams sisters for years, and have tremendous respect for their accomplishments and their approach to the game of tennis. I have even more respect for their father, who didn’t know how to play tennis, got a book, and started training his daughters to be champions of the world, “straight up out of Compton”. The have gone on to be champions of tennis, and at the same time been able to have a “real life” outside of tennis in fashion design, school, endorsements, modeling, investments, etc…

But wow, after taking a look at this picture ( and more over the internet of her at the French open) I had to ask myself, “She does play tennis, doesn’t she?” There should be some guidelines on what to wear to a tennis match, correct?

I’ll be the first to say I think both of them are attractive, beautiful woman. I was a little taken back by the negative comments of people saying very repulsive things about her wearing this outfit as well as her race. I don’t have a problem with what she is wearing, only because of the numerous interviews I’ve seen of her, I don’t think she was making any other kind of statement other than, I’m fine as hell and I’m kickin’ your ass in tennis in lingerie!!!!


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