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Malignant Whiteousness

Jesus commands us to love our enemies but what is love without understanding? Here is my attempt to understand the evil unveiled under the Chump aka Twitler aka Cheetolini, but … Continue reading

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The empty chair

The oval office has an empty chair. A glaring empty chair. A powerful empty chair that is suppose to represent our nation, the United States of America. Leader of the … Continue reading

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The bizarro world of the United States…

I was watching the CNN show which characterizes each decade that comes on Friday nights. It’s an amazing show, speaking to historical events that have changed the world in whatever … Continue reading

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The 44 year old conversation we never had…

A son remembers the memory of his father on father’s day, 44 years later…

July 11, 2017 · 1 Comment

18 months plus 100 days of #45 ( Donald Trump)…

Now you’re wondering why I put 18 months on the title. Well it because of the grueling election cycle a candidate has to do. I give thanks to #45. I … Continue reading

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The anatomy of a small grocery store

Broad-Elm market was owned by my father at 11767 Broadstreet in Detroit, Michigan. He purchased the store from his brother in 1967,  the year of the riots in Detroit, and … Continue reading

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Now, let’s get past all the political lies and fake news and deal with science, which is the real truth! Trappist-1 . Not a name that you would think of as … Continue reading

February 23, 2017 · 1 Comment