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My letter to my African friend… and the President of the United States.

  I have an African friend. Actually, I have many African friends, but I work with this particular African. He is Republican, and he voted for Trump. But, that is … Continue reading

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1st down and 365 days to go…

It’s a new year. For some a new beginning. For some an end to much success or challenges of 2017. I’m not a “new” years person, like not being a … Continue reading

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Make America Great for All People By Donna Givens

A wise but troubled friend once challenged me in the heat of an argument:  “why do you keep trying to convince me of all the ways I hurt you?  Don’t … Continue reading

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A train is a-comin…

  The die has been cast for the upcoming 2018 November elections. I may be premature, but, after the Democratic victory in the seat vacated by Senator Sessions, if the … Continue reading

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Has it only been two months since I posted #metoo on my Facebook timeline? Those were simpler times when women across America basked in the glow of e-recognition – likes, … Continue reading

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Vietnam, by Ken Burns…

I just finished watching Ken Burns series on the Vietnam war. Ken Burns story telling is one to behold. He gets down in subtle details of each of the “actors”, from … Continue reading

October 17, 2017 · 2 Comments

North Korean diplomacy

In a previous blog, I spoke to the nuclear Jeannie, of my boyhood fantasy of Barbra Eden, and the politics behind nuclear proliferation. This issue with North Korea, and … Continue reading

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