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If Donald truly wanted to be a casino owner, he should have mimicked Steve Wynn, who started his career digging his family out of a 350,000 debt left by his … Continue reading

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Thanks God for Officer Duncan – Part 4

  This incident is a little out of chronological order. It actually happened a few years ago, and the more I wrote about my experiences, the more it seemed to … Continue reading

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Thank God for Officer Duncan – Part 3

  Now this police encounter is two fold. One was a non gun pulling event, and the second eventually lead up to a gun pulling event by the police. They … Continue reading

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Thank God for officer Duncan – Part 2

In the first of this series, I explained what a positive influence that officer Duncan had done for me in shaping my respect for police. That respect began to get … Continue reading

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Thank God for officer Duncan

Thank God for officer Duncan. Yes, I said it, thank God for him. The reason why I said it because I’m black, and with all the reported shootings of black … Continue reading

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Brexit and the viability of the United States…

At lunch today, I went to my car to get some solace. You know, quiet time, with the subtle hint of the radio in the background. So I turned on … Continue reading

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The Narrative that Trump is following…

I have finally found Donald Trump’s playbook, and it’s Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels ran the propaganda machine for Hitler’s view on the world, or the world that you want to shape … Continue reading

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