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Placed in shackles and ripped from my land, whipped down trail to the great blue ocean beyond, loose packed, tight packed, don’t matter, the passage is stained with my urine, feces, … Continue reading

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The leader of the free world, doesn’t lead … and never has…

soinSteel and Aluminum tariffs. That’s right, that’s what we are involved in, a potential trade war, starting with steel and aluminum, that could actually get some legs and spill over into … Continue reading

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When students are the adults in the room…

I thought I knew how an intoxicant can infect the mind of an individual. I’ve seen it first hand, when my brother, in an effort to help a friend, fell … Continue reading

February 20, 2018 · 1 Comment

When to march…and why

Parading your military was once a wonderful thing. It displayed the strength or perceived strength of a country, and its leadership. The old Soviet Union’s May day parade gave United States … Continue reading

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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Epilog…

  Of peaches and pecans Peaches and pecans. This is going to be the title of a chapter in my second book. Peaches and pecans are a stablemate of only … Continue reading

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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Part 2…

This is part 2 of Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit. In short, my recap is centered around Detroit not making the cut, and the “real” reasons why. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit, Part 1…

Amazon just listed their short list for their location for their H2. Detroit didn’t make the cut. Detroit, The Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, The Big ‘D’, ground zero … Continue reading

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