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The obsolescence of war…

In 1928, The Kellogg-Briand Act was implemented and signed by the United States, France, and Germany, and by most other states afterwards. It was an international agreement, in which signatory … Continue reading

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A Kleptocracy rap…

I will put it to some beats and rap to it when I can. In the meantime, you can read it, and add to it if you want… A Kleptocrat in … Continue reading

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150 blogs that have led to…

Another milestone. 150 blogs, which includes this one. The above keyboard is the first one I ever learned how to type on, a Royal. It was a fantastic machine.  My … Continue reading

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To kill a nuclear deal…

I clearly don’t have all the facts. I must be ill informed. I’m on the outside and have no inside information. The president of the United States just pulled out … Continue reading

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Placed in shackles and ripped from my land, whipped down trail to the great blue ocean beyond, loose packed, tight packed, don’t matter, the passage is stained with my urine, feces, … Continue reading

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The leader of the free world, doesn’t lead … and never has…

So now we have steel and aluminum tariffs. That’s right, that’s what we are involved in, a potential trade war, starting with steel and aluminum, that could actually get some legs … Continue reading

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When students are the adults in the room…

I thought I knew how an intoxicant can infect the mind of an individual. I’ve seen it first hand, when my brother, in an effort to help a friend, fell … Continue reading

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